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ARS Sidings

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ARS Sidings 30/05/2020 at 23:08 #127279
19 posts
I just bought the London Bridge simulation, hoping that with ARS I’d be able to focus on panels of my choosing, but because of all the sidings I need to get permission for, I spend most of the time making calls for trains that wait at red signals. Is there any way to automate these? Why are they not automatic with ARS?
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ARS Sidings 31/05/2020 at 03:57 #127285
5842 posts
Because with sidings you risk a head-on as ARS doesn't know what's going on inside.

But watch this space for a cut down version of London Bridge for all who purchase(d) it, in the coming weeks.

SimSig Boss
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The following users said thank you: markt, vloris
ARS Sidings 31/05/2020 at 12:29 #127290
941 posts
Some depots will have official 'in' and 'out' roads (eg Edinburgh Craigentinny) so the signaller can freely route into one set and the depot out of the other for ARS to pick up. Then calls and slots are only needed for going 'in the out' and vice versa.

That needs the signalling to extend into the depot, and space for overlaps etc which Grove Park does not have.


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