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Lancing SX 09-01-2019

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Lancing SX 09-01-2019 05/06/2020 at 19:57 #127376
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I have submitted a timetable for Lancing.
Here's the Timetable description below:
Lancing SX 09-01-2019
Timetable should be chainable with Three Bridges ASC 09-01-2019 SX timetable.
Will be midnight start, however.

Start Time: 0000
Finish Time: 2700
Timetabled Trains: 242
Total Train Types: 8

Southern operate a range of services, mainly used by Electrostars (Class 377 Multiple Units) but also Class 313s formed of 3 car.

Great Western Railway
GWR operate services, from Brighton to Great Malvern and Brighton to Portsmouth Harbour.
Operated using Class 158 Sprinters.

Thameslink operate Littlehampton to Bedford services, in the peak times. Using Class 700/1s (12 Cars)
Although an ECS is operated by a Class 700/0 (8 Cars)

GBRf Operate the RHTT.

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