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Manchester East 2015-04-08 SX

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Manchester East 2015-04-08 SX 27/06/2020 at 18:54 #128277
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Since installing version 5 I've restarted my Manchester East play-through, since V5 was a big jump and I thought it would be safest.

I've noticed that 6H37 from Bredbury Sidings now arrives at WOODLEY RJ34/RJ38 REV and "DER"s, leaving 0H37 at the wrong end to run-round as per its timetable (forward to WOODLEY RJ32 REV then to WOODLEY RJ35 REV). In fact, if the engine's on the rear, there is no need for a run-round at all!

Obviously it just needs changing to DEF, which I have done, but it worked faultlessly on my last play-through, so I thought I'd raise it.

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Manchester East 2015-04-08 SX 27/06/2020 at 18:59 #128279
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Mantis 30899
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