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Stansted Coopers Lane Jn

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Stansted Coopers Lane Jn 12/07/2020 at 19:45 #129516
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I've just added a NR UTU (Network Rail Ultrasonic Test Unit for those who require long descriptions in parentheses) to Officer Dibble's West Anglia Spring 2017 TT to busy up the small hours and late evening a little (2020 timings in a 2017 TT I know, but it shouldn't clash with much at those times of day) and everything has validated ok except for a missing reversal point close to Stansted Airport.

UTU's are no longer timed into Stansted Airport station, instead reversing on the UP & Dn Arrival Line behind L1202 Signal at Coopers Lane Jn, before heading back to Stansted Mountfitchet for a further reversal and then carrying on to Cambridge to stable.

I've had to time the UTU into Stansted Airport station to get it to validate but I will reverse it manually at Coopers Lane to run it as per real life. To help anyone who may be thinking of writing a 2020 (or beyond) TT and may wish to include the 8-weekly UTU to Stansted Airport, would it be possible to add Coopers Lane Jn L1202 Signal to the list of locations as a reversal point please?



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Stansted Coopers Lane Jn 12/07/2020 at 19:51 #129517
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I've added a note to an existing ticket covering Stanstead area TT locations (Mantis #28805) for this.
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