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Updates (23-24/09/20)

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Updates (23-24/09/20) 24/09/2020 at 20:49 #132674
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A few updates have landed over the last 48 hours, in a couple of batches. A sample of what's happened.


Version 5.7 now available

- Tooltip for near end and far end stopping positions added to clarify the meaning
- Scenario options in timetables not always saving fixed
- Minor changes to ARS in relation to preferred and none preferred routes
- Minor changes to the handling of overlap track circuits where they will now flood if a theoretical SPAD occurs.
- The clock no longer runs until a save game is fully loaded
- Fixes to long routing to highlight more exit signals (Mainly affects Australian sims)
- Access violation DoRightAway & OneSecondHi:TRN fixed.


Manchester Piccadilly

- Better support for user contributed timetables in the earlier era
- Improvements to 2019 era to better reflect the real world
- Minor bug fixes

Watford Junction

- Fixes for ECS trains to and from St Albans branch

Timetable Updates

- New Street 2015
- Cheshire Lines 2015 / 2019
- Hunts Cross 2015 (Shunts at Warrington Central)
- Liverpool Lime Street New 2015 Timetable
- London Bridge 2009
- Manchester Piccadilly 2015
- Staffordshire 2015 / 2019
- Three Bridges 2009
- LTS 2015
- Lancing 2009
- Plymouth 2009
- Victoria Central 2009
- Watford Junction 2009

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Updates (23-24/09/20) 04/10/2020 at 18:43 #132884
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Just for the record whatever ARS changes have been made have improved the auto working around Edinburgh Waverley in the 2006 TT and also the handling of the turnback services at Newton in the 2006 Motherwell TT. Hopefully there will be equally positive reports from other sims which use ARS extensively.
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