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Crossing protection on the Trowbridge line

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Crossing protection on the Trowbridge line 18/10/2020 at 20:43 #133177
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I've been playing the Bristol standalone sim for the last couple of days, in the name of nostalgia, and I started getting the old "flock of sheep waiting to cross at ..." phone calls. All the calls I've had so far have been from Fisher's and Young's crossings, both on the Trowbridge line. Now in most modern sims such crossings will often be protected by either controlled signals or an emergency replacement facility.

I'm playing in 80s mode, andthe sim doesn't have such for protection for any of the three crossings between Bathampton Junction and Bradford-on-Avon. All the signals are automatic. I can't remember if it has such provision in a the modern era mode.

For Up Trowbridge trains, I assume the only crossing protection is to collar signals 79 and 477 at Bathampton Junction as a reminder not to send trains. As for the Down Trowbridge, there is no way to protect the crossings on this line short of telling the Westbury signaller not to send trains. Does a BLOK facility exist for the berth of DT8 signal? (EDIT - no it doesn't)

In theory, on the sim if there isn't a train on the Down Trowbridge then it's probably safe to allow something to cross the line, but in real life this wouldn't be allowed to happen without some way of protecting the crossing. What options do we have for crossing protection on the Down Trowbridge?

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