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Leeds, Ardsley, West Yorkshire Chain issues

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Leeds, Ardsley, West Yorkshire Chain issues 18/10/2020 at 20:44 #133178
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When chaining Leeds, Ardsley and West Yorkshire sims a number of issues happen that make it unplayable:
1. Trains from West Yorkshire sim going towards York Via sherburn in elmet duplicate themselves when entering Leeds sim at Sherburn.
2. On Ardsley sim once opening a saved game (which we had internal error message), we no longer get any trains entering from Ardwick Jn. And when opening the saved game, we had trains in the sim which were not due for 3+ hours. The rest of the diagram for those trains with associated rules were blanked out on F4 showing as already ran.
3. As above, trains on chain sims (not just this chain as it has happened before), when loading up saved games trains in the future are already showing as have ran.

I have attached the relevant saves.

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