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BLOK at Selhurst Fringe

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BLOK at Selhurst Fringe 20/01/2021 at 22:16 #136648
213 posts
After a TCF at Streatham Nth Jn on the Slows, BLOK was interposed at VC676 to divert trains via the Fasts. However this meant that WCR-LBG stoppers (2009GHD TT) were forced off their booked route.

Would it be possible to automatically sort trains that are timetabled to enter at Selhurst and booked via Tulse Hill to be either held until the end of the blockage or cancelled 'then and there'? - implying that the 3Bridges signaller has at least a modicum of intelligence.

Maybe trains with last location Streatham/Tulse Hill/Herne Hill could be held, whilst trains with last location Peckham Rye cancelled (diverted via New Cross)?

Trains that are cancelled would obviously need any rules that are enforced by their appearance expired.


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BLOK at Selhurst Fringe 27/01/2021 at 13:52 #136792
304 posts
In real life those trains would get diverted via Forrest Hill.
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