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Craven Arms DGL

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Craven Arms DGL 20/02/2021 at 17:06 #137377
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Doing a run through of a pre release timetable for someone, and have come across a potential anomaly with Craven Arms DGL.

6J89 is timetabled to stop there at 09:53 and wait until 10:20. Upon arrival it shows the status 'stopped at signal CA24'. When signaled out of the loop and into the station it then will wait on platform 2 showing 'Stopped at Craven Arms (dep 10:20)'.

Is the sim not recognising Craven Arms DGL as a timing point but instead taking it as the station itself?


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The following user said thank you: NicholasN
Craven Arms DGL 20/02/2021 at 17:15 #137378
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Yes that is what it's doing.

If you want the train to specifically stop at the DGL there's a separate Craven Arms DGL location to use.

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The following users said thank you: andyallen4014, NicholasN
Craven Arms DGL 20/02/2021 at 17:17 #137379
113 posts
Thanks Karl, mystery solved.
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