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Rearranging attachments

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Rearranging attachments 21/02/2021 at 20:21 #137389
2 posts
Bit of newbie question - I've attempted to find the answer but no joy!

Playing Portsmouth sim, 3 units attach to make a 12 car.

First unit was delayed and was overtaken by the 2nd and 3rd unit.

How do get the 1st unit to attach to the 3rd to make the 12 car complete?

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Rearranging attachments 21/02/2021 at 20:26 #137390
3741 posts
F2-> Right click train in question-> Timetable Options-> Edit timetable.

Go to the location list, double click the location in question, then go to the activities box. Click an activity once to highlight it, then use the move up/down buttons as appropriate to re-order them.

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