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Right way, wrong way...

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Right way, wrong way... 24/02/2021 at 03:27 #137434
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...and the railway. Also, a funny thing happened on the way here, but I digress.

I was into SimSig way back when the old, paged sims were the thing. I reckon NLL was my favourite, the mix of passenger and freight was challenging. In the scrolling era I quite liked Westbury and Exeter. The bigger sims are not so much fun to work on one's own, IMHO. Then I ditched Windows for a Mac (and sometimes Lunix).

I had a few attempts over the years at running SimSig under WINE or Crossover. It's a kludge, I lack the expertise to get it to work seamlessly via an emulator (I know, I know, WINE is not an emulator). Then I discovered the Moss Vale sim. That's pretty familiar territory, and I wanted to have a go. Tried again to get SimSig happening on my aging Dell Linux machine (64 bit Mint 20.1). WINE and play on Linux wouldn't let the loader see the internet, which a smarter person might have fixed. Crossover worked better, I bought Moss Vale and got it running. Not everything worked though, no right click on the train list for example. Frustrating.

Now that Apple is the new Microsoft, I thought I'd break my Windows drought (gotta be 15 years at least) and try dual booting. Our internet connection is anemic, but I got someone to download the Windows 10 ISO disk for me. Would not install on this machine for me. So I tried installing Win 10 in VirtualBox in Linux. Hey, that works! Slow though. Fine tuned the drivers, worked a little better. Turns out the old Dell only has 3GB of RAM. Windows 10 likes RAM. RAM is cheap, I ordered another 4GB, to get to 6GB. Then the BIOS would only let the system have 3GB, so I had to work out how to flash the latest version of that. That was an adventure on it's own. But here we are, 6GB of working RAM, Win 10 behaving half decently with 3.5GB, happy days!

There must be easier ways, but I'm used to doing things the railway, so it's about par for the course. Moss Vale is very good. ARTC have done interesting thing to it since I was last down that way in any kind of official capacity, but it's still good. Don't let's get started on ARTC.

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