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Timetable Updates & Releases June 2021

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Timetable Updates & Releases June 2021 08/06/2021 at 20:01 #139907
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Tonight three timetables have been pushed out via the updater.

Sandhills 2015-04-08 SX has been updated to version 5.1, with some minor fixes to issues raised on the forum.

Kings Cross 2009-10-15 has been released for the first time via the updater, and is a complete ground up version of the "original" SimSig groundhog day.

Stockport 2009-10-15 has been released, this is the first release of this timetable, and gives a different take on Stockport before the WCML VHF timetable came along.

Remember, STOP, check for updates before proceeding

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