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Newton P1/P2 Platform length

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Newton P1/P2 Platform length 18/06/2021 at 21:20 #140081
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I have a 134m consist that won't fit in the platform at NTN P1, with the position FX. Manual says the length is 137m. I'll have to tweak this one as well in my TT :)

TRACKmaps (1:8R) says these are "7-car", although I can't see any services longer than 6 cars in RTT.

Just wanted to check that this length is still correct?


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Jamie S (JAMS)
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Newton P1/P2 Platform length 19/06/2021 at 08:01 #140083
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Looks like the length of 3Q74 is wrong

3Q74 is a UTU looking at last years data I have - UTUs weren't top n tailed last year

Normally formed :
UTU1 (Class 37 - Barrier Vehicles - 62384 (UTU1 Test Car) - Generator Vehicle - DBSO)
UTU2 (Class 37 – Generator Vehicle – Barrier Coach – 62287 (UTU2 Test Car) - DBSO)
UTU3 (Class 37 – Generator Vehicle -SGT2 Barrier Vehicle 977985 /SGT2 Test Vehicle 977986 – 999602 (UTU3 Test Car) – DBSO
UTU4:(Class 37 – Generator/Barrier Vehicle - 999606 (UTU -4 Test Car) - DBSO

In the case of UTU3, without looking up exactly which vehicles are which and using 2 mk1 & 2 Mk2s this would only equate to a maximum length of 98m

If you want to keep 3Q74 at 137m, to fit in the platform you need to use a either a far end -10 stopping position or a near end stopping position, adding a note to either, to route past sig M145 so it will actually arrive at Newton

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