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Hong Kong East - E197WNX1 (Night Cross-betting)

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Hong Kong East - E197WNX1 (Night Cross-betting) 01/07/2021 at 14:34 #140288
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Similar as the previous timetable I made a few months ago (E197W001), E197WNX1 is also part of the update for coping with the new Guangdong Line Through Train Timetable in July 2019. But most importantly, some trains will call at Racecourse Station in the evening.

Services via Racecourse Station start at around 1730 till midnight.

Apart from that, I'm able to figure out the outstabling issue at Sha Tin platform 4. It had been fixed in this wtt. That particular train will not be classified as "ATO fitted" for the journey into platform 4. It will require manually shunt forward after approaching the platform, this should allow it to stop at the correct position and preventing the train from blocking the track circuit behind the station.

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