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Shunts in & around Leeds FLT

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Shunts in & around Leeds FLT 16/09/2021 at 12:41 #141586
officer dibble
361 posts
I am trying to simulate shunts in & around Leeds FLT however I cannot get any paths to validate from 923/925 to any timing point. Is it because the paths aren't there in the sim or have a missed something blindingly obvious when TT'ing the moves?

Shunts in question are;
- 923/925 to Recp 1/2 (922/924) then to headshunt (933) and back onto FLT (932) & vice-versa.
- 923/925 to Hunslet Station Jn, Engine Shed Jn, reverse, Hunslet South Jn & Balm Road Depot.
- Balm Road Depot to Hunslet Down Sdgs via 937 and 929 signals.
- Balm Road Depot to FLT (932) via Stourton Jn 937 signal.
- Hunslet signal 920 to FLT 923/925.
- FLT 923/925, recp 1 922 & back onto FLT 923/925.

Any help much appreciated.

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