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Aston 5 day Nov 2020

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Aston 5 day Nov 2020 22/11/2021 at 21:28 #142432
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Please use this thread for any comments or corrections to the above timetable

This is a 5-day timetable of trains the actually ran from 00:00 2nd November to 03:00 on 7th November 2020.
Timetable and train info from Official CIF files, WTT's & TRUST.

Chains with : Birmingham New Street 5 day Nov 2020

Timetabled Trains : 221
Rules : 64
Decisions : 1
Train Types : 17

Passenger Trains:
Lichfield/ to Bromsgrove and Four Oaks to Redditch via Birmingham New Street
Both routes are Half Hourly witrh Class 323 EMUs
There is also a few ECS movements which pass through to and from Central Rivers Depot.

Freight :
All freight trains times are from the official cif files, consists are checked with trains that have ran during the period of the timetable (2-7 November 2020), and the decisions of DOTW (Day of the week) is based on this imformation.

Rules have been applied to stop sets returning earlier than is possible when the oubound train is late or in times of disruption.
Rules as well as dwell and turnaround times are as per Network Rail's Rules Of The Route document.

Thanks :
Thanks go to Geoff Mayo for creating SimSig in the first place, and to the developers of the Aston Sim.
Thanks also to Andy Allen and Chris Law for doing some testing, another pair of eyes always helps !

Enjoy and please advise me of any errors found that are not listed above via the forum as the timetable has several scenarios, so some errors may appear despite thorough testing.

I hope you enjoy this timetable as much as I have compiling it.

Timetable written by Phil Hodgson (Phil1044)

Timetable Versions :
Version 1.2.3 First Release after testing (22/11/21)

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