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Help with 6D08

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[Figured out] Need Help with 6D08 31/12/2021 at 05:56 #143206
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So I play Simsig Derby 2006 onwards for a while and things are going great. Until around 11:20 where 6D08 enter from Sinfin. I know that I need to use lever frames to signal him. But not sure how and in which order to do so.
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Help with 6D08 31/12/2021 at 08:35 #143209
4 posts
Alright I think I've figured it out.
1.Free Sinfin No.3 Frame.
2.Switch on 1 (release Frame)
3.Switch on 2 (align points)
4.Switch on 3 (change the signal)

5.Spam click the Sinfin No.2 Free
6.Once it goes through, Switch on Sinfin No.2 1 (release Frame)
7.Switch on 3 (release Fast Point Lock)
8.Switch on 4 (change points)
9.Switch off 4 (turn on Fast Point Lock)
10.Switch on 5 (clear the signal)

11.Once the loco is detached, Switch on Sinfin No.2 7 (clear the signal).
12.Once the loco is out, Switch on 3(release fpl), switch off 4(change points), switch off 3(turn on FPL) to change the points.
13.Switch on 5 (clear the signal).
14.Once the loco arrive at Sinfin North tell it to manually reverse via the F2 train list.

15.Free Sinfin No.1
16.Switch on 1 (release frame)
17.Switch on 2 (release FPL), Switch on 3 (change points), Switch off 2(turn FPL back on).
18.Switch on 5 (clear the signal)
19 After the train have joined together, Switch on 5 (clear the signal)
20.Set a route from signal 374 and you should be good to go!

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