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Available length/standage at locations 03/01/2022 at 20:12 #143318
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With the roll out of a 1990 TT for New Street, I have been unable to locate the relevant info regarding the available standage at certain locations on the sim that now see more use. (Got caught out trying to route an 08 and too many BGs via LOS1)

Would anyone happen to know the available length at the following locations:

LOS1 (& LOS 2/3 BHI)
East & West Docks
Engine Sidings 1,2&3
Soho Depot 'Arr Road' - NS320 to SB1
Soho 'Reversing Siding'
Soho Dn Through Sdg between SB2 & NS329


PS Is there a suitable location for reversing trains behind NS130?

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Available length/standage at locations 03/01/2022 at 20:58 #143321
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NS150 - 220m
NS160 - 140m
LOS2 - 190m
LOS3 - 260m
LOS1 - 125m
ES2-3 - 25m
West dock - 60m
East dock - 55m
ES1 - 105m
Soho arr - 180m
Soho rev - 135m
Soho DT - 320m

Nothing for NS130.

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