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Virtual Reality signal box?

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Virtual Reality signal box? 21/03/2022 at 19:37 #145811
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Does anyone know if there is a VR signal box where I can use my virtual floating hands to grab a hold of a lever and pull it? And press the bells?

I'd love for one to be developed if it hasn't been done yet.

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Virtual Reality signal box? 21/03/2022 at 21:41 #145812
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The closest thing I know of is the Charnton Road layout for Rail3D, which combines a slightly simplified version of a mechanical signal box (i.e. the basic gist of Absolute Block is modelled, but not the exact operation of the bell codes and block instrument in detail) with a 3D railway simulation, so you can actually look out of the window of your virtual signal box and observe the trains running.

It's also not specifically built for VR either, so no idea how well the interface would mesh with VR modeā€¦

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