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May 2022 Timetables

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May 2022 Timetables 09/05/2022 at 21:41 #146423
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Network Rail have published the May 2022 Timetables. WTTs at https://www.networkrail.co.uk/running-the-railway/the-timetable/working-timetable/ and the public TT at https://www.networkrail.co.uk/running-the-railway/the-timetable/electronic-national-rail-timetable/.

The latest Rules of the Plan are also available at https://www.networkrail.co.uk/industry-and-commercial/information-for-operators/operational-rules/.

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May 2022 Timetables 13/05/2022 at 15:19 #146485
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Nice to see the Working Timetables are available on the website again, rather than having to request them with an email.
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The following user said thank you: Newhampshires