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Motherwell Happening
1YXX & 2YXX GLC - EDB, EDB - GLC diverted via Whifflet
2RXX will be retimed slightly to avoid as much interference.
Cross border Diesels will just run as timed but via Whilfflet.
Cross border electrics will divert via Hamilton.
2MXX & 2PXX Newton services to turn in Platform 1, but the turnback sidings can be used if trains are building up.

This is going to be challenging.

EDIT: Thursday will be the first day of this folks, Apologies. Have just returned from a very difficult day at work, My mind isn't quite with it today. Sorry again

This is going to happen from Tuesday and will continue on Wednesday and (Hopefully) Thursday.
I will be starting from 19:30. Will probably need to take a break at 20:30 to get the little one to bed, then we can resume and have another break at around 22:00 then run until between 23:30 and midnight. Thursday may be later as I am off work on Friday.


Insanely bad weather has brought down the wires at Uddingston Junction. The mainline is closed, and the Holytown line is also closed. All 2CXx and 2Bxx trains will be diverted and altered. All trains will be diverted via Hamilton if it is an electric, and the Whifflet line if diesel. The main line is expected to be shut all day, but it may be sooner.

There is also bad flooding North of Lockerbie on the WCML, The line is passable but a ESR of 5MPH is in place on both lines between MC813 and MC809 on the Down line, and between MC812 and MC816 on the UP line. These will be lifted at some point throughout the sim.

I'll need everyone to communicate with each other. I'm going to be spending today (Sunday) and Monday to alter the TT's. PLEASE pay attention to each trains' TT as they will be going different places.

This is a pretty challenging scenario with the amount of trains that will be affected, and with that in mind, difficult setting is at low. I will be open to signallers wanting random failures, and I can manually create problems for you.
Start Date/Time
2017-07-20 19:59
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