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West Hampstead 1991
Welcome to West Hampstead 1991.

NB port number is 50555.

Starting options are 1990s era, mode Normal (so some failures), TORR off.

Familiarise yourself with the timetable notes before joining please (https://www.simsig.co.uk/File/Download/893)

"F10" players welcome. Teamspeak #OH1 is available but not mandatory.

The sim is already well populated at the 06:30 start time.

Panels will be rotated every 30 minutes.

Plan to run for about 2 hours.
Start Date/Time
06/04/2020 20:29:00
belly buster
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West Hampstead
ajax103 05/04/2020 at 16:51
Lord_TnT 05/04/2020 at 19:30
BarryM 06/04/2020 at 04:46
9pN1SEAp 06/04/2020 at 08:46 (Tentative)
DaveHarries 06/04/2020 at 17:45
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Game Discussion
06/04/2020 at 19:52
Will be late in due to supper but will join ASAP.