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Game Details

Three Bridges Thursday - Disruption
Three Bridges 2019 – start time 09.00.

Things have gone relatively well on the panel however following a complete block on the West Coastway earlier there is likely to be heavy disruption and regulation through the morning.

Lancing PSB power failure - disruption likely throughout morning.

SIM SPEED – adjusted in proportion to signallers on duty.

PLATFORM / PATH ALTERATIONS – Endeavour to use booked paths and platforms, otherwise advise control. Had issues with fixes having to made in retrospect on this sim due to short-notice reroutes so your help is greatly appreciated. There may also be delays to services for passenger convenience or staffing in these cases.

DEPARTMENTAL / TEST TRAINS – These are to follow booked paths to cover/treat the correct lines.

TEAMSPEAK – Teamspeak preferred but not necessary though it may take a little longer to complete TT edits etc.

ARS – Enabled for this era; recommend it’s use when it gets busy.
Start Date/Time
01/10/2020 19:00:00
Simulations in use
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Three Bridges
9pN1SEAp 27/09/2020 at 21:53
DaveHarries 27/09/2020 at 22:42 (Tentative)
markt 28/09/2020 at 17:09
Joe S 28/09/2020 at 19:48
43084 30/09/2020 at 13:50
benjibatch 30/09/2020 at 18:42 (Tentative)
simple68 01/10/2020 at 14:55
carokon123 01/10/2020 at 15:24 (Tentative)
deltic1fan 01/10/2020 at 18:11
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Game Discussion
01/10/2020 at 13:22
Hi Guys. Please place your panel preferences - can make as many preferences as you like. Find the current regulation plan below:

1H09 will call ONLY at Hove, Preston Park and Gatwick Airport then fast to Victoria.
1N06 at Hove now forming 5Z08 to Havant.
1N09 booked diagram to form delayed 1N08.
2N16 booked diagram.
2U14 cancelled.
5K94 at Lovers Walk to form 5U14 to West Worthing.
9N88 booked diagram, terminating at Gatwick Airport. Forming 5R17 to Three Bridges.
9R17 cancelled.
01/10/2020 at 14:56
1B please Tom
01/10/2020 at 15:31

I'll be a bit late to the party, probably about 7.45. Hoping to go Country end somewhere but will happily take any panel.

01/10/2020 at 17:04
Copy Guys. Final disruption regulation below, no doubt will change during the host as I find missed workings:

1S91 0709 Portsmouth Brighton (late)
1V94 0859 Brighton Great Malvern (late)
2U03 0722 W Worthing Brighton (100 late)
2U11 0912 W Worthing Brighton (20 late)
3S93 Sandite Train (late)

1S12 0800 Brighton Portsmouth
2E03 0722 Littlehampton Brighton (set works to Worthing for 2U11)
2E05 0759 Littlehampton Brighton
2E16 0814 Brighton Littlehampton
2U09 0838 W Worthing Brighton
2U14 0751 Brighton W Worthing
2U18 0822 Brighton W Worthing
9R17 1004 Bedford Gatwick Airport

1H11, 1H13, 1H15 all ran via Horsham
1H17 0844 Littlehampton Victoria will run via Horsham (join 1F17 at 3 Bridges)
1H19 0914 Littlehampton Victoria start@ Hove (from 1S09)
1S11 0719 Portsmouth Brighton term@ Littlehampton
1S14 0905 Brighton Portsmouth start@ Littlehampton
1N06 0732 Brighton Southampton term@ Hove (form 1N08)
1N08 0832 Brighton Southampton start@ Hove at 0920
1N11 0733 Southampton Brighton term@ Littlehampton
1N10 0932 Brighton Portsmouth start@ Littlehampton
1S09 0632 Portmouth Brighton term@ Hove (form 1H19 from Hove)
*2U20 0850 Brighton Worthing (formed off 5K94)
9N88 0652 Littlehampton Bedford term@ Gatwick (form 5R17)
*5K94 0906 L Walk Brighton (forms 2U20)
5R17 0951 Gatwick Three Bridges Depot (much earlier than WTT)
*5Z05 0936 W Worthing Brighton (stock from 2U05)

*2U22 0921 Brighton Worthing (was 2U09) (3 313)

Stock from 2U05/5Z05 around 1000 in Brighton 3 313
Stock from 1N09 arriving 0930 in Brighton 3 313
01/10/2020 at 18:12

My I have to Brighton panel please
01/10/2020 at 18:37
Joe S
I don't mind what panel - but if I had a preference, maybe panel 4 as I haven't done that.