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Waking Up The Scots! (My Game Continuation)
Hello! and welcome back to my mega sessions, after a 2-week break I return with a quad of sims

This time we head to the north again this time to Scotland!!!! and we visit on a gorgeous sunny day in Scotland, though last's night rain is causing problems!

We this time run the whole 2006 TT from start to finish

Known Issues,
Due to heavy Rainfall Platform 7 at Perth has been taken out of use due to surface water.
Dundee has a 5mph speed restriction on ALL lines due to again heavy rainwater.
Some Specials are about so keep an eye out for "SPEC" in the UID of trains
Cowlairs Jcts had a cable theft overnight and as such certain points are OOU until NR get them fixed
plus the usual shenanigans so let's have some fun!

With the boring hours down, we start the morning depot rush! and we start prepping services for the morning peak! Perth Has already woken up and Dundee, Aberdeen & Haymarket are not far behind!

Sims in Use:

Central Scotland
- Standard
- Pre SAK
- TORR On Nx
- Mechanical Interlocking (for some fun)

NE Scot:
- Standard
- No Montrose Resig
- No TC's
- NO AB (Cus it ain't work)

- Standard
- ARS (Turn off on panel operated)

- Standard
- 2000 era
- ARS On
- (a cheeky surprise which we will find out when we play)
- With Broken Cranes and Dropped Generators forcing trains to divert things could get complicated

Oh and Edinburgh Stn, Cowlairs Panel 1, and Motherwell Station Panel will all require TS all other panels, however, can be F10!

With plenty of panels and fun to be had, grab a cuppa (or beer ;) ) and join in!
Start Date/Time
31/10/2020 19:00:00
Simulations in use
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Central Scotland , Edinburgh , Motherwell , North East Scotland
waucott 24/10/2020 at 21:02
chrisdmadd 24/10/2020 at 21:03
ajax103 24/10/2020 at 21:03
danners430 24/10/2020 at 21:03
peterb 24/10/2020 at 21:05 (Tentative)
DaveHarries 24/10/2020 at 22:36 (Tentative)
Rocangus 25/10/2020 at 11:06
tjfrancis 25/10/2020 at 17:26
Soton_Speed 26/10/2020 at 21:16
pebbens 26/10/2020 at 21:58 (Tentative)
BarryM 27/10/2020 at 10:15
43084 27/10/2020 at 22:34 (Tentative)
jamesktaylor 29/10/2020 at 01:48
ritchie 31/10/2020 at 12:24
Lifeboatjohn 31/10/2020 at 15:21
Rockhawk 31/10/2020 at 17:19
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Game Discussion
30/10/2020 at 12:58
Currently ordering a 48 pack of cider for tomorrow... Whatever you do, don't send an inspector to Motherwell PSB...