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Reference Section
Signal Number Plan
Signal Box Prefix Codes
Timetabling Details
Splash Screens
External Resources
ARS / Route Data
Version History


Reference Section

Signal Number Plan

Signal Number Plan - 2013
Signal Number Plan - 2015
Signal Number Plan - 2016

These are Adobe Acrobat PDF files. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer you can get a free download of the latest version from the Adobe website . Use the built-in Find function (Ctrl+F) to locate signal numbers.

Signal Box Prefix Codes

Code Box
A Prefixes all LUL automatic signals
BN Banbury North
BS Banbury South
G Greenford East*
JB Harrow-on-the-Hill
JF Harrow-on-the-Hill (Northwood interlocking)
JJ Rickmansworth (Watford South Jn interlocking)
JP Rickmansworth
JT Amersham (Chalfont interlocking)
JW Amersham
NJ Neasden Junction*
OB Oxford- Bicester line signals
OL Leamington Spa*
OX Oxford*
R Prefixes LUL Repeater signals

*Fringe box, signals not controlled in this simulation.

Non-prefixed signals are controlled by Marylebone IECC. In real life the signals are plated with an ME prefix.

Timetabling Details

This page lists all the timing points and entry points used in the simulation. This is more useful for those that write timetables than those who just play the simulation.

Timetable Details



Splash Screens

:usertrack:mans:marylebone:marylebone_splash1.jpg Aynho Junction scheme plan
:usertrack:mans:marylebone:marylebone_splash2.jpg South Ruislip, signal ME72 reading towards Greenford and Northolt. Copyright (C) 2013 UKTrainMan
:usertrack:mans:marylebone:marylebone_splash3.jpg (tbc) Copyright (C) 2013 Andy Brown
:usertrack:mans:marylebone:marylebone_splash4.jpg (tbc) Copyright (C) 2013 Andy Brown

External Resources

This page contains a number of links to external websites. While they've been checked for validity and suitability at the time of writing, we have no control over what happens on those sites. So from time to time, some links may be broken or point to the wrong material.

YouTube Cab Rides

Video title (some renamed here for clarity's sake) Quality; type; etc.
Marylebone to Wembley.- Cab of Chiltern 165 - January 2013 HD @ 1080p; Edited
London Marylebone to Aylesbury Vale Parkway HD @ 720p; Time-lapse
London to Birmingham cab ride HD @ 720p; Time lapse
Let's Go To Birmingham (1962) - London [Paddington] to Birmingham @ 960mph! HQ @ 460p; Time-lapse; Edited
Let's Go to Birmingham - Unused Footage 240p; Time-lapse; Edited
Birmingham Moor St to Marylebone 360p; Time-lapse
Aylesbury Vale Parkway to Marylebone - Chiltern 165 - January 2013 HD @ 1080p; Edited
A Stock Cab Ride Harrow To Watford & Back To Harrow HD @ 1080p; Time-lapse
A Stock Cab Ride Watford To Croxley HD @ 720p
Chalfont & Latimer to Chesham on the Metropolitan Line HD @ 720p
Chesham to Chalfont and Latimer on the Metropolitan Line 240p
1938 Stock Cab Ride Between Chalfont & Latimer And Rickmansworth HD @ 720p

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Version History

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