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SimSig Edinburgh
ARS Operation
Known Problems / Limitations with ARS:

SimSig Edinburgh

ARS Operation

ARS is provided as an aid to solo use, it is not perfect (nor is the real ARS) but it has undergone an overhaul and regulates better than earlier iterations.

Known Problems/Limitations with ARS:

Regulation will be a problem from time to time and occasionally you may get a ‘Mexican stand-off’ I believe the real ARS at Edinburgh has been known to do this too.

In certain circumstances the ARS will not set routes properly for trains leaving/arriving at Platforms 10/11 and 1/19 and parallel through lines, mainly where the train has to pass through the ‘other’ platform to reach the ‘far-end’. You will have to ensure that the necessary manual intervention is made.

Trains leaving the Platform 17 (middle siding), will trip the TRTS at E485 when the ARS sub area is on, this is necessary to enable the onward route to be set by ARS.

Fife Circle trains that are sent ‘wrong line’ across the Forth Bridge will cause routes to be set in the wrong direction- this is to be expected as ARS is driven by reading the TDs in the berth.

Trains using any of the sidings at ground frames will report ‘off planned path’, the trains will pick up ARS once on the running line.

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