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SimSig Edinburgh
ARS Coding
Table of Line Codes
Princes Street Gardens to Haymarket West Jn
Other Codes

SimSig Edinburgh

ARS Coding

For the purposes of writing and understanding timetables the following information is important. See also ARS timetable writing for the basic ARS timetable conventions.

In this sim, as a rule, trains running normally will have the same codes in both directions and will be in the format xL where x is a variable depending on the line being referred to, e.g. FL is Fife Line Up and Down. Ux and Dx are used where a train is running ‘wrong-line’ on the relevant line. E.g. UF means train travelling in the Down direction on the Up Fife line.

DPL/UPL, and DGL/UGL are used for the passenger/goods loop respectively, in the majority of cases this particular code will be used in the Platform box to tell the train to diverge from the xL which will remain the appropriate code for the Path and Line.

In specific instances special codes will be required and their use will be explained.

Table of Line Codes

Code Line name
C Cowdenbeath
EG Edinburgh & Glasgow
F Fife
M Both Midcalder and Berwick lines
N Newburgh
S Shotts

Princes Street Gardens to Haymarket West Jn

DS Down South
US Up South
DN Down North
UN Up North

Other Codes

(not necessarily an exhaustive list)

GJ Gorgie Junction
WJ Winchburgh Junction
DJ Dalmeny Junction
TWJ Thornton Wast Junction
TSJ Thornton South Junction
TNJ Thornton North Junction
LGT Longannet Line
YD Yard
SFD Slateford
CRM Crombie
HWJ Haymarket West Junction
HCJ Haymarket Central Junction
SL Calton Tunnel South line
NL Calton Tunnel North line
REV trains reverse at this location; sometimes a signal number may also need to be inserted as a platform
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