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SimSig Edinburgh
Ground Frames
Additional Locking of Ground Frame Releases

SimSig Edinburgh


Ground Frames

On this sim there are quite a few Ground Frames controlling access from and to sidings. See here for details of Ground frames.

Note there is a slightly different arrangement at Waverley East end platforms PC and MR. The operation is explained in the section covering Edinburgh.

Generally interlocking requires the protecting signals to be at red and will put back automatics on release. Points do not need to be locked into position, and may already be correctly positioned by a previous movement. In most cases if there is a train present on the mainline the GF release is subject to a timer based estimating the time to stop (slow trains may still be on the move).

Additional Locking of Ground Frame Releases

The following GF releases are interlocked to the positions of adjacent pointwork.

Ground Frame Release Requirements
Drem Engineers Up Berwick to Up Loop/Branch points must be normal to release.
Linlithgow Engineers Trailing Crossover must be normal to release.
Dalmeny Dn Yard Down Passenger Loop to Down Fife points must be reverse to release.
Dalmeny Up Yard Points Up Fife to Up Loop Line points must be normal to release.
Grantshouse Engineers Up Main Line point at loop exit must be normal.
Markinch Yard/ Auchmuty Branch There is a second point lever that needs to be used to send trains to either the yard or Auchmuty. This is necessary as otherwise the OCC control will get mixed up. This lever is not required for trains entering the sim.
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