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SimSig Edinburgh
Level Crossings
List of Level Crossings

SimSig Edinburgh


Level Crossings

See Level Crossings for details of each type.

Local features are:

CCTV Crossings at St Germains and Halbeath, when the local ARS sub-area is ON the crossing closure sequence will commence automatically but a manual "clear" will need to be made by clicking on the appropriate button. If the ARS sub-area is OFF you will need to manually lower the barriers. Please note that penalties will be incurred if the barriers are lowered for more than 12mins (if no trains pass), or 15mins (even if trains pass one after another).

AHB, there are four of these.

The ones at Kirknewton and Kingsknowe have a non-stop button for Up trains, when that ARS sub-areas are ON the button will auto-press for non-stop trains as they approach.

There are 11 "other" crossings, mainly UWC type.

When you have a call from Bow of Fife or Sweetholme crossings you need to inform Cupar box; in stand-alone mode you do this by use of the E- replacement button by signal CP14; in chain you must inform the operator on North East Scotland sim as the E button has no effect. Reciprocal arrangements are in place for Cults Mill and Hospital Mill crossings which are controlled from Cupar box- in stand-alone you will never get any calls related to either of these crossings.

The number of phone calls received from the UWC and AHB crossings can be selected on set-up in the scenario tab. The default is 'Rare' which will give around one call per hour between all crossings. Selecting 'Common' will increase the number of calls to something like 2 per hour and 'None' is self-explanatory. {In version 3.238 the option to select call frequency is removed and the default set as 50 hours per crossing}

List of Level Crossings

Location Type Duty
Anniesmuir UWC Duty 6
Bow of Fife AHB Duty 6
Clayton UWC Duty 6
Culross UWC Duty 5
Cults Mill UWC Duty 6
Halbeath CCTV Duty 6
Heatherkinch UWC Duty 6
Hospital Mill UWC Duty 6
Kingsknowe AHB Duty 4
Kirknewton AHB Duty 4
Knowles UWC Duty 1
Markle AHB AHB Duty 1
Muirton UWC Duty 1
St Germains CCTV Duty 1
Sweetholme UWC Duty 6
Torphin UWC Duty 4
Valleyfield UWC Duty 5
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