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SimSig Edinburgh
One Train Working (OTW)

SimSig Edinburgh


One Train Working (OTW)

Several lines have one-train working. These lines are indicated by an "OCC" light which shows white when a train is occupying the line.

In most cases the occupying train will actually leave the sim and the re-enter when ready to return. While the train is 'off-sim' the OCC light will still be lit and routing of a second train is barred.

Also, it is impossible to use these lines for seeding purposes as a train must leave the sim before any train will enter, in other words the OCC light must be on before a train may enter the sim.

The lines are:

  • Auchmuty (Markinch Yard is not controlled by OCC)
  • Methil
  • Bowhill
  • Bathgate station (the trains will remain in-sim)
  • Powderhall
  • North Berwick (the trains will remain in-sim)
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