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SimSig Paisley
Phone calls

SimSig Paisley

Phone calls

A phone call will be received from Mauchline when a train from either Killoch or Mauchline bound for Newton on Ayr is due to enter. For technical reasons this is currently only 1 minute before entry.

Permission to enter calls are received from:

  • Ayr Carriage sidings
  • Ayr TMD
  • Falkland yards
  • Greenock CPA
  • Hunterston high level
  • Misk

Advisory calls will be received from most other sidings and yards.

You must make the following calls for trains due to enter the following yards (note due to sim limitations you can’t make the call until the train has been formed by the sim; this is particularly an issue with the Ayr carriage sidings):

  • Ayr carriage sidings
  • Chelmerston
  • Elderslie
  • Falkland yards
  • Hunterson High level
  • Irvine paper mill
  • Mauchline Jn- see

    link for further explanation of detailed operation.

  • Roche
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