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SimSig Paisley
OHE area

SimSig Paisley


Paisley box is (was) situated to the West of Paisley Gilmour Street station and is a NX panel dating back to the 1980s when the Ayrshire Coast line was electrified to Glasgow Central.

The simulation in the main represents the post-electrification layouts notionally around 2000, though little had changed since the 1980s work. Since then there have been significant changes in the Paisley area with a third “fast” bi-directional line between Paisley and Shields added; this is now reflected in the Sim. To facilitate earlier timetables there is a “Largs pseudo old” option which allows the Hunterston to Ardrossan up goods line to be used by (Diesel) passenger trains. The line was in fact double all the way to Largs where there was 4 platforms and a yard but I have little detailed information on how that all worked.

The sim represents the NX panel layout pretty accurately.

Maps and Plans

To be added

OHE area

The majority of lines are electrified at 25KV overhead.

Exceptions are:

Main lines

- Up Girvan beyond 152 crossover and Down Girvan from the TC immediately beyond the berth TCs for signal PA358 (~ 200 m)

- 136 crossover at Newton Junction

- Hunterston to Ardrossan Goods (up Largs)

- Stevenston DGL

- Kilmarnock line

- Mauchline line

Sidings - the following ARE electrified

- Ardrossan EMU siding

- both Falkland up loops and the northern half of reception line #1

Yellow tracks are electrified (2000s era):


In 2015 mode, all main lines in the Paisley area are electrified, including the DGL.


The sim is fully coded to chain with Glasgow Central and Kilmarnock boxes which may or may not be built one day. Any relevant instructions will be added when appropriate.

These are:

  • Glasgow Central – 1 fringe: Shields Junction
  • Kilmarnock - 2 fringes: Kilmarnock and Mauchline


  • The sim is fully fitted with


  • The sim is built around the Interlocking sub-areas and a full list is provided

    here this is quite an important section to read to understand the sim operation and is essential for timetable writing.

  • All Interlocking areas have TORR permanently enabled.
  • Level crossings

  • Ground frames

  • Scenarios

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