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St Germans

You can put this area into auto working and pretty much forget about it unless something untoward happens.

TIPLOC Location notes
STGRMNS St Germans
MENHENT Menheniot
LISKARD Liskeard Entry/exit point


TIPLOC Location notes
TOTNES Totnes Entry/exit point
AISHXO Aish crossover
IVYBDGE Ivybridge
HEMERGF Hemerdon P130 (rev) Reverse behind P130
HEMERDN Hemerdon


TIPLOC Location notes
DEVNPRT Devonport
DOCKYDP Dockyard
KEYH162 Keyham sig 160 Reverse behind P160
KEYHAM Keyham Station and sidings
DEVNEXS Devonport Royal Dockyard Entry/exit point
KEYH127 Keyham sigs 127/LOS (rev) Reverse behind P127 and on Up line LOS (P462)


TIPLOC Location notes
LARAJN Laira Junction Includes the Down Goods line
LAIRA136 Laira Jn sigs 136/DM/DG (rev) Reverse behind P136, P312 and P12
OCEAN Laira Ocean siding Siding, not an exit/entrance
LAIRA142 Laira Jn sigs 140/142/195 Reverse behind P140, P142 and 195
LIPSONS Lipson sidings Exit/entrance point
LARATMD Laira MPD Exit/entrance point
LARACSD Laira Embankment sidings Exit/entrance point

Mount Gould

TIPLOC Location notes
PLYMTHF Plymouth Friary Entry/exit point. You will be offered the option to divert entry at P179 to P181 (but not vv)
MNTGLDSR Mount Gould sigs 179/181 (rev) Reverse behind P179 & P181
MNTGLCW Mount Gould Washer Plant extends to behind P179 and all HSTs must be signalled to that point as the washer line is otherwise not long enough.
LARA320 Mount Gould Jn sigs 318/320 (rev) Through trains and reversal behind P318/P320


TIPLOC Location notes
LIPSONJ Lipson junction


TIPLOC Location notes
PLYM120 Plymouth (N rev outer) Reverse on Down line LOS (P463) and behind P118/P120. Use stop adjustments to fine tune if required.
PLYM124 Plymouth (N rev inner) Reverse behind P122/P124
PLYMDN Plymouth Down siding Siding, not an exit/entrance
PLYMSPR Plymouth Spur Not an exit/entrance
PLYMENG Plymouth Engineer's sidings Entry/exit point
PLYMTH Plymouth
PLYMTHU Plymouth Park sidings Not an exit/entrance
PLYM131 Plymouth (S rev) Reverse behind P15 (LOS) and P131


TIPLOC Location notes
SASH170 Saltash sig 170 (rev) Reverse behind P170
SASH Saltash


TIPLOC Location notes
STBDXJN ST Budeaux Junction
STBDXVR ST Budeaux Ferry Rd
STBDXFR ST Budeaux Victoria Rd
BEREFRS Bere Ferrers
BEREALS Bere Alston
CALSTCK Calstock
GUNISLK Gunnislake

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