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SimSig Worksop
Simulation Operation

SimSig Worksop

Simulation Operation

An outline description of each panel/box, and operation notes.


Controls the goods single line from Doncaster towards Dinnington Jn and Worksop.

  • Slots for both directions to/from Doncaster
  • AB working to Worksop
  • A call to Maltby Colliery must be made before sending trains there (Bunker line) =


    Control the line from Woodhouse Jn (Sheffield simulation) towards Brancliffe E Jn and Worksop.
  • TCB working to Woodhouse Jn and Worksop panels
  • CCTV level crossing at Kiveton Park
  • =


    Controls lines from Maltby, Kiveton to the west and from Creswell to the south through towards Thrumpton panel and Retford.
  • TCB working to Kiveton and Thrumpton
  • AB working to Creswell and Maltby
  • Sidings and loops in both directions
  • CCTV level crossings at Shireoaks and Worksop
  • =
    Stop Boards
    Within the sidings and reception lines, there are several stop-boards (shown thus Stop Board ),where the train driver has to call in for instructions. =


    Controls the line from Worksop towards Gainsborough, with a connection to ECML at Retford, and branch line to Cottam PS.
  • TCB working to Worksop, Retford, West Burton (S Humberside simulation) and Cottam PS
  • CCTV level crossings at Mansfield Road and Thrumpton
  • AHB level crossings at Rushey Sidings, Leverton and West Brecks
  • Manual worked crossing at Gringley Road - barriers normally down
  • =
    Gringley Road Level Crossing
    These barriers are normally in the down position, and raised on demand by users calling in. When a request to cross is received, raise the barriers (providing no trains are approaching or will be delayed), the barriers will auto-lower after a short time.

If a user requests an abnormal load etc to cross, raise the barriers and once in the raised position (solid 'RAI' button) left-click on the 'HOLD' button to keep the barriers up until advised that the crossing is clear then right-click on the 'HOLD' button and the barriers will auto-lower.


Gringley Road Loop

Note that the exit points from this loop are spring points, denoted by the '$'.



Control line from Barrowhill (Sheffield simulation) through to Creswell

  • TCB working to Barrow Hill and Creswell
  • =


    Controls line from Worksop towards Shirebrook, with a single track goods line branch to Seymour Jn.
  • AB working to Worksop and Shirebrook
  • TCB working to Seymour
  • =


    Controls line from Creswell towards Mansfield (Trent Simulation), and a triangle junction to Clipstone
  • TCB working to Mansfield and Clipstone panels
  • AB working to Creswell

Note that trains that reverse at Mansfield Woodhouse P3 will show their TDs, but don't enter into the Shirebrook area.

A call must be made to Shirebrook Wagon Works before sending a train there.


SJ31 Alarm

Train running away alarm on SJ31 signal.

This sysytem is installed to warn you of the possibility that a train has passed SJ31 signal at danger and entered the Block Section between this box and Kirkby Summit.
The alarm is activated when SJ31 signal is at danger and 'HZ' track circuit shows occupied.
Once you have established the reason for the alarm being activated, you may reset the system by pressing the alarm Cancel button. SJ31 and SJ32 signals will not clear until the system is reset.
The alarm will activate if you authorise a train to pass signal SJ31 at Danger in accordance with Rule Book Module S5.
An entry must be made in the train register every time the system is reset.



Controls line from Shirebrook, with several branch lines to the various collieries in the area.

  • TCB working to Shirebrook
  • AB working to Thoresby Colliery
  • =

    Thoresby Colliery

    Controls the Thoresby Colliery Jn, and the run-rounds
  • AB working to Clipstone
  • Thoresby Shunt Frame GF for the loco run-rounds
  • =
    Run-Round Loops
    Note that Line 1 is the longest of the 3 ArrDep lines (see

    Loop lengths for full details, and Worksop GFs for GF operation).

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