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Start-Up Options
Other Options


Start-Up Options


Scenario Description
No scenario selected No closures, all lines open.
Platform 1B & 2B Derby platform 1B & 2B under possession.
Platform 3B & 4B Derby platform 3B & 4B under possession.
Platform 6 and Goods lines Derby platform 6 and Goods lines under possession.


Pre 1999

This includes the Up Goods line from Branston Jn to Burton Leicester Jn, the old Burton-on-Trent loco sidings, Willington Power Station, St. Marys Junction sidings, Wirksworth Single line and the Denby branch.


The above areas are not available, but includes the addition of Barton Central Rivers Depot.

2006 Onwards

Drakelow power Station has been disconnected, and the point work has been Clipped & Padlocked.

Other Options

Difficulty Setting

  • Beginner No failures but a few delays

  • Standard Up to 2 failures active and some delays

  • Difficult Additional failures and high chance of late running

  • Gremlins at work Lots of equipment failures, standard level of delays

  • One of those days Very high chance of delays.

Random TSR (Temporary Speed Restriction)

  • None No TSRs

  • Rare Some TSRs

  • Common More TSRs

Adverse Weather Conditions

Affects train acceleration/deceleration and signal sighting distance. Turn on to add more difficulty.

TORR (Train Operated Route Release)

Tick to enable TORR .

Note that in real life Derby was not fitted with TORR, and as such the default setting for the sim is for TORR to be off.

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