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SimSig Exeter
Level Crossings

SimSig Exeter

Level Crossings

There are several types of Level Crossing in the Exeter Sim: 7 CCTV crossings, 5 AHB crossings and numerous telephone crossings. Please note that if CCTV crossings are left down for more than 720 seconds (12 minutes) without a train passing you will receive a penalty, or if you leave them down for more than 900 seconds (15 minutes) no matter how many trains pass.

Crossing Type Panel
Alfords TEL Exeter B
Athelney AHB Exeter C
Badcock's Middle TEL Exeter C
Bradford on Tone AHB Exeter C
Brewers TEL Exeter C
Broomhay TEL Exeter C
Crannaford AHB Exmouth Jn
Crediton MCB Crediton
Cutts Drove TEL Exeter C
Fields TEL Exeter B
Hele & Bradninch AHB Exeter C
Hosegoods TEL Exeter B
Hyde TEL Exeter C
Newcotts TEL Exeter C
Outwood Farm TEL Exeter C
Paignton North MCB Paignton
Paignton South TMO Paignton
Pinhoe CCTV Exmouth Jn
Portman Drove TEL Exeter C
Powderham TEL Exeter A
Red Cow CCTV Exeter B
Sandy Lane TEL Exeter B
Silk Mill CCTV Exeter C
Staffords Bridge TEL Exeter B
Stoke Canon * CCTV Exeter B
Topsham * MCB Exmouth Jn
Turf Lock TEL Exeter A
Victory AHB Exmouth C

* Stoke Canon (both directions) and Topsham (up direction) have annunciators with a "simulation" message and sound. This advises you of the need to start the close crossing sequence.

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