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SimSig Exeter
How now, Red Cow?

SimSig Exeter

How now, Red Cow?

Red Cow is a Manually Controlled Crossing . This is a short guide of how to operate such a crossing.

Settings: TT: Exeter Summer 2006 v2.226, Perfect conditions, start time 00:00

Crossings are represented as orange vertical lines going between the tracks. When a route is set across a Manually Controlled Crossing (or MCB Crossing), the signal will not clear, as shown below, until the following steps have been completed


First, left-click the LOWER button.


Soon the CLEAR button begins to flash. Left-click it and 256 clears.


5L65 crosses over to Platform 1 while the barriers remain down.


5L65 is still moving (note the white overlap TC in front of it has not been released). However, since it is now past the LC and AUTO-RAISE is enabled (solid white dot), the barriers have now automatically raised behind it (RAISE shows a solid white dot), allowing road traffic to pass again.



1) The barrier won't raise automatically if another route is set across the LC.

2) 5L65's next destination is Exeter New Yard, so to avoid raising then lowering it it may be more sensible to disable AUTO-RAISE by clicking it (button will display hollow), to allow 5L65 to move from Riverside Yard to Platform 1 and then across Red Cow a second time to New Yard, before raising the barrier and re-enabling AUTO-RAISE. However, check how long the train is due to wait in St. David's for, since a penalty is given if barriers are kept down for a long time with no train passing.

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