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Kings Cross
Version History
Version 3.9 (Released 2021-07-19)
Version 3.8 (Released 26 / 06 / 2020)
Version 3.4
Previous Versions
First Release (Version

Kings Cross

Version 3.9 of King's Cross is likely to be the last. Priority has to be given to maintaining paid-for simulations and King's Cross has had more than its fair share of updates since it was released a long time ago.

Version History

Version 3.9 (Released 2021-07-19)

0021598: [Simulation] Hornsey EMU Up CARR Line

0033753: [Issue] Sandy entry points not suppressed when chained to Peterborough

0034164: [Issue] Draw issues on Up Slow 2, Hornsey Area

0032633: [Issue] Hornsey EMU Depot reverse siding buffers

0032582: [Issue] Signal 444 wrong route code

0032584: [Issue] Interlocking allocations

0032625: [Issue] New Barnet South GF

0032626: [Issue] SNBLOS

0033181: [Suggestion] Potter Bar Platform numbers

0032617: [Issue] Non-described train in berth 0939

0032542: [Suggestion] SIM height/ visuals

Version 3.8 (Released 26/06/2020)

0031602: [Issue] Baldock stopping position

0031504: [Issue] K386 clears with section ahead occupied

0029814: [Simulation] Hitchin Down Yard Path

0030748: [Simulation] K435 banner repeater clears for a sub aspect

0032017: [Issue] Same location indices (Loader V5.8.5)

0030221: [Simulation] K656/K658 are the wrong way around?

0014887: [Simulation] Modern mode US2 line speeds

0014895: [Simulation] Modern mode DS2 line speeds

0031151: [Simulation] THDX (2046A points) line speed

0030991: [Simulation] Harringay platforms

0027806: [Simulation] Tunnel not labelled "Molewood"

Version 3.4

Released 18/04/2014

  • Seeding at King's Cross added (seeding at platform signals removed)
  • Location labels at Potters Bar and Welham Green fixed
  • Auto routes fixed at K384 or K454
  • Route locking (white track) at King's Cross platform 1 fixed
  • Trains leaving Letchworth CS for Letchworth Platform 2 phone in claiming it's a wrong route fixed
  • Trains now stop at the correct place when reversing at signal 232 in Modern mode
  • Unlocking Cuffley ground frame no longer causes all the auto buttons on all signals to go out
  • When sending a train to Camden Road, the slot now automatically cancels when the train leaves the area
  • New Banner Repeater for K874 north of Gordon Hill and new splitting Banner Repeater for K629 at Woolmer Green Junction.

Previous Versions

Full version history not available. Simulation was released in Loader format on 06/11/2013.

First Release (Version

Released 27/02/05

Kings Cross Reference Section

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