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Leeds Northwest
Official Files
Start-Up Options
Other Options
Operating Notes
Permissive working
Crossley Evans
Broughton Road CS
Auto Plated Signals
Rylstone branch
Level Crossings
Multiplayer & Chaining
Reference Section
Signal Number Plan
Signal Box Prefix Codes
Line Speeds
Timetabling Details
Splash Screens
Version History

Leeds Northwest

Official Files

Title Version Released
Simulation (Payware) 1.7 27/11/2021
15/10/2009 WTT (Midnight and 0445 Start included) 5.0 16/04/2021

Additional user-written timetables are available to download here .


Leeds Northwest is one of the York IECC suite of simulations and covers from Armley Jn through to Skipton (and on towards Hellifield) including the Ilkley and Bradford Forster Square branches. The whole area is fitted with Automatic Route Setting , allowing it to be controlled by one signaller, as per the real panel.

Start-Up Options



No delays or equipment failures.

Average Day

Some minor delays, and a small chance of equipment failures.

Leaf fall

It's autumn, and poor railhead conditions mean that trains are accelerating slower and braking earlier, causing numerous delays. There's also a higher chance of equipment failures.

Other Options

ARS enabled: Selected by default- untick to disable ARS.

Level Crossings

Normal Level crossings are simulated in the usual way
No penalty You will still need to raise and lower level crossings, however you won't be penalised if the barriers are left down for an excessive amount of time.
No Crossings Crossings are completely disabled

Crossley Evans

Crossley secured Crossley Evans siding is secured on simulation start-up
Crossley Free The points are not remaindered at the start of the simulation, it is down to the user to do so, failure to do so will incur a penalty.

Operating Notes


As per the real IECC, full ARS is provided. While ARS can run most of the simulation without intervention, you will need to set manual routes into sidings, and may have to step in if trains are delayed.


Standard 25kV overhead electrification is provided between Armley Jn and Skipton, including the branches to Ilkley and Bradford Forster Square. The lines to Hellifield beyond Skiption Station North Jn are not electrified, and the Rylstone branch is also not electrified.

Skipton Carriage Sidings are electrified; all other sidings are not electrified.

Permissive working

Permissive working is authorised in all platforms at Bradford Forster Square, Iilkley and Skipton.


A train from Bradford Forster Square formed of Mark IV stock cannot be fully platformed in platform 3 unless the route is set from 3966 to 3934 signal. These trains are indicated using the platform code 3X.

Crossley Evans

Crossley Evans MUST be advised of the approach of a train bound for the siding and it MUST NOT be allowed to pass Kirkstall Loops until acceptance has been agreed.

5123 points in the sidings must be placed and maintained in the Normal position with reminders applied except when a train requires to enter or leave the siding. Failure to do so will incur a penalty.


Trains from London King's Cross will normally terminate in platform 2 at Skipton, in order to accommodate all the passenger carrying vehicles in the platform signal 4031 signal MUST NOT be cleared until the route has been set from 4033 signal (Platform 2) to the Up Shipley Main Limit of Shunt (4555). This will allow the train to draw past 4033 signal and stop in the correct place. These trains are indicated using the platform code 2X.

In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to terminate these trains in platform 4 at Skipton. Again 4031 signal MUST NOT be cleared until a route is set from 4037 signal.

Broughton Road CS

Broughton Road Carriage Sidings consists of 4 sidings (1, 2A, 2B, and 3), however, the signaller only sees three on the panel (1,2, and 3). Siding 2 is split into two by hand points operated by the shunter, however, for the benefit of the sim the hand points are operated by a signaller using the button next to the sidings. The train will stop at the stop board at the sidings end of No.2 siding and the driver will ring in before heading into siding 2A or 2B.

Sidings 1 and 3 are split into two sections with stop boards half way along. Trains going into the sidings will stop at the stop board before proceeding, whilst trains coming out from the far end of the siding will stop and ask permission before continuing up to the shunt signal.

Auto Plated Signals

Some signals are plated on the ground as auto signals, however, on the workstation they are controlled signals that are left in auto.

Rylstone branch

The branch line from Skipton to Rylstone is One Train Working , as a result once a train goes onto the branch towards Rylstone, nothing else can enter the branch until that train has come back.

Level Crossings

Name Type Located Between Letter
Cemetry UWC TEL Shipley & Skipton K
Cononley CCTV Shipley & Skipton -
Eastburn UWC TEL Shipley & Skipton I
Gotts UWC TEL Shipley & Skipton L
Kildwick CCTV Shipley & Skipton -
Marshalls UWC TEL Skipton & Hellifield C
Niphany UWC TEL Skipton & Hellifield B
Petty's No.1 TEL Shipley & Skipton D
Raws UWC TEL Shipley & Skipton H
Shady Lane TEL Shipley & Skipton E
Sun Lane UWC TEL Ilkley Branch N
Thompson's UWC TEL Shipley & Skipton J
Unnamed UWC TEL Skipton & Hellifield A
Whitehouse UWC TEL Shipley & Skipton M

Multiplayer & Chaining

Multiplay clients can join the simulation, however there is only one workstation.

The simulation chains at the following locations:

Simulation Location
Leeds East/West Armley Jn


Simulation by: Noel Young ('Noisynoel')

15/10/2009 WTT by: Paul Biddle ('Officer Dibble')

Reference Section

Signal Number Plan

Leeds North West Signal Number Plan

This is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer you can get a free download of the latest version from the Adobe website . Use the built-in Find function (Ctrl+F) to locate signal numbers.

Signal Box Prefix Codes

Code Box
H Hellifield*

*Fringe box, signals not controlled in this simulation

Non-prefixed signals are controlled by York IECC, and plated 'L' on the ground.

Platform & Siding Lengths

Platform Lengths

Location Platform Length (m)
Baildon All 102
Ben Rhydding Up 99
::: Down 99
Bingley Up 111
::: Down 111
Bradford Forster Sq 1 273
::: 2 266
::: 3 101
Burley-in-Wharfdale Up 98
::: Down 98
Cononley Up 116.5
::: Down 95.6
Crossflats Up 102
::: Down 102
Gargrave Up 92.3
::: Down 88.8
Guiseley Up 119.8
::: Down 109.3
Keighley Up 225
::: Down 202
Ilkley 1 199
::: 2 199
Menston Up 98
::: Down 98
Saltaire Up 102
::: Down 102
Shipley 1 102
::: 2 (Down) 106.2
::: 2 (Up) 115.2
::: 3 (Down) 240.7
::: 3 (Up) 215.7
::: 4 98
::: 5 98
Skipton 1 99
::: 2 (Down) 197.5
::: 2 (Up) 200.5
::: 3 (Down) 183.6
::: 3 (Up) 155
::: 4 (Down) 154.2
::: 4 (Up) 182.2
Steeton & Silsden Up 102
::: Up 102

Siding Lenths

Location Siding Length (m)
Skipton CS 1 329
::: 2 51
::: 2A 183
::: 2B 183
::: 3 277

Line Speeds

Line speeds across the area are as follows:

Up Shipley Main

Speed Between
80 Armley Jn & Country side of Kirkstall Loops
90 Country side of Kirkstall Loops & Thackerley Tunnel
75 Thackerley Tunnel & London side of Dockfield Jn
65 London side of Dockfield Jn & Shipley
30 Shipley platforms
65 Shipley & Saltaire
90 saltaire & Bingley
80 to 90 to 85 Bingley & Keighley
60 to 90 to 60 Keighley to Skipton
45 Skipton platforms
60 Skipton - Hellifield

Down Shipley Main

Speed Between
60 Hellifield - Skipton
45 Skipton platforms
60 to 90 to 60 Skipton & Keighley
85 to 90 to 80 Keighley & Bingley
90 Bingley & Saltaire
65 Saltaire & Shipley
30 Shipley platforms
65 Shipley & Thackerley Tunnel
75 Through Thackerley Tunnel
90 Thackerley Tunnel & London side of Apperley Jn
80 London side of Apperley Jn & Armley Jn

Up Ilkley

Speed Between
55 Ilkley & London side of Ben Rhydding
60 London side of ben Rhydding & London Side of Guiseley
50 London side of Guiseley & Esholt Jn
75 Esholt Jn & Apperley Jn

Down Ilkley

Speed Between
75 Apperley Jn & Esholt Jn
50 Esholt Jn & Guisley
60 Guisley & Menston
70 Benston & Ben Rhydding
50 ben Rhydding & Ilkley

Baildon Single Line (Up Direction)

Speed Between
60 Esholt Jn & Baildon
50 Baildon & Dockfield Jn

Baildon Single Line (Down Direction)

Speed Between
50 Dockfield Jn & Baildon Tunnel
60 Baildon Tunnel & Esholt Jn

Kirkstall Loops

Speed Lines
25 Up & Down Kirkstall Loops

Bradford Forster Square Branch

Speed Lines
50 Up & Down Forster Square


The Up & Down Shipley Main has no significant gradients whilst the Forster Square Branch is a 1 in 166 climb from Shipley through to its terminus at Forster Square. The Baildon single line rises from Dockfield Junction through to Esholt Junction with the biggest and longest climb being 1 in 102 either side of the tunnel. The Ilkley Branch is quite step and a contrast to the main line as it climbs all the way from Apperley Jn at around 1 in 60 until just after Guiseley where it starts dropping again but less steeply.

Timetabling Details

These notes apply to those writing timetables for the simulation. They may be of interest but are not required if you are simply running the simulation.

Mandatory Timing Points

Trains must be timed at the following locations:

Shipley Main
  • Armely Jn
  • Apperley Jn
  • Dockfield Jn
  • Keighley
  • Skipton
  • Hellifield
  • Shipley
  • Bradford Forster Square
  • Guiseley
  • Burley-in-Wharfdale
  • Ilkley
Rylstone Branch

Trains to Rylstone MUST have a next working (or be timetabled back out) as the location is contained within the sim

Shunt locations

The sim has been designed to allow all feasible shunt movements with most shunt movements being shown in the timetable as the location followed by the signal number.

Splash Screens

Splash01 A Northern class 333 stands in platform 2 at Skipton
Splash02 Signals 4036 and 4038 at the south end of Skipton platforms 3 & 4
Splash03 Signals 4032 and 4034 at the south end of Skipton platforms 1 & 2
Splash04 Signal 4033 at the north end of Skipton platform 1
Splash05 The north end of Skipton station, looking towards the carriage sidings.
Splash06 Skipton station
Splash07 Shipley platforms 1 and 2, looking towards Shipley East Junction. A 333 is departing with a service to Leeds.
Splash08 Shipley station buildings, which sit at the centre of the triangle. Platform 3 is in the background.
Splash09 Signal 3965, at the south end of Shipley platform 5.
Splash10 A class 333 stands in Shipley platform 5, working a Skipton service.
Splash11 A class 333 approaches Shipley from Bradford.
Splash12 A sign marking the stopping point for loco-hauled services at Skipton.
Splash13 Signal 4035 at the north end of Skipton P3.
Splash14 A close-up view of Signal 4033 at the north end of Skipton platform 1
Splash15 Broughton Road CS at Skipton, with the main lines on the left.

Version History

Version History

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