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Simple ARS
Diverting Trains
Track circuit display
One Train Working (OTW)




Full ARS is available as part of the start up options ; the real panel was not fitted with ARS.

ACI is incuded with ARS as standard.

Known Problems/Limitations with ARS:

  • Motherwell box itself was not fitted with ARS, it is provided to assist solo play. As with the real ARS it has it's limitations over and above the fact that the NX panel was not designed for ARS operation.
  • Regulation will be a problem from time to time and occasionally you may get a ‘Mexican stand-off’, also in some converging junctions ARS may get the priority wrong. In a couple of areas where ECS is reversing (Whifflet loops for example) ARS may set shunt routes that will not actually be used, you will need to inhibit or cancel manually.
  • Some signals may benefit from collaring for ARS, particularly loop exits, though many locations are coded not to fire the ARS till near departure time.
  • Regulation at Motherwell station can be a particular problem since some trains lay-over at Platforms 3 and 4 whereas platforms 1 and 2 are through platforms. Currently there is no way to distinguish train regulation by platform. So on one hand there is a risk that down trains which dwell in 3 or 4 will cause the ARS to fire too early locking up the area, or alternatively Signal M399 will not clear for long trains approaching and stopping at platform 2. In the current release the ARS setting is restricted to 30 seconds before departure time and Platform 2 has a separate “long train” location which overcomes the ARS restriction which is problematic for these specific trains. See the

    Workstation 4 notes for more details.

Simple ARS

Limited Auto-route setting is provided on the Lanark and Larkhall branches when in non-ARS mode. At Lanark trains will be sent to platform 1 only, but at Larkhall a train will be directed to Platform 2 unless it’s occupied in which case it’ll send it to platform 1. ACI is also provided at these locations.


The majority of running lines (including loops) are electrified with standard 25kV overhead wires.

The following running lines are not electrified:

  • Up/Down Perth from Gartsherrie South Jn (Electrified in 2015)
  • Gartcosh Single line, though you can reverse electrics behind MG930 [GS3] (Electrified in 2015)
  • Gartsherrie to Coatbridge up slow
  • Up/Down Carmyle to Coatbridge Jn and Whifflet Jn (Electrified in 2015)
  • Up/Down Shotts from Holytown Jn (Electrified in 2015)

The following sidings are electrified:

  • Newton Turnback
  • Coatbridge FLT and Spur
  • All sidings/loops in Mossend area
  • Motherwell Derby and Weighs sidings
  • Carstairs Up Siding

Tracks shown in yellow are electrified in 2000 and earlier eras, additional electrified tracks added in the 2015 era are shown in orange:


Diverting Trains

The wrong-route code has been set up to allow trains to be diverted 'on the fly' between Newton and Law Jn, provided that any alternative route chosen will not cause the train to miss a booked station call.

Track circuit display


Many signals have an overlap track circuit that is not displayed separately on the panel, instead being combined with the preceding track circuit. Therefore, when a train passes the signal and occupies the overlap, the signal will be replaced to red, but the train will still be shown in the same place and the train description will not step. When the train continues beyond the overlap, this is indicated on the panel and the train describer steps up as expected.

One Train Working (OTW)

Several lines have one-train working. These lines are indicated by an "OCC" light which shows white when a train is occupying the line.

In most cases the occupying train will actually leave the sim and the re-enter when ready to return. While the train is 'off-sim' the OCC light will still be lit and routing of a second train is barred.

Also, it is impossible to use these lines for seeding purposes as a train must leave the sim before any train will enter, in other words the OCC light must be on before a train may enter the sim.

The lines are:

  • Morningside Branch
  • Polkemmet Colliery

Note that the Westburn line, though drawn similarly, does not work on this principle. See the Workstation 1 notes for more details.

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