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Known Issues and version control

Known Issues and version control


(Released: 30 September 2020 )

Modifications to reversing locations.

Separate locations for reversing behind


Sig 306

Sig 302

Sigs 296/8


Sigs MC419/421/423

Sig MC418


(Released: 27 July 2020 )

Various tweaks and titivations for loader V5


(Released: 30 March 2019 )

Minor bugs,

Tightened up timings for Auchengray Crossing

Missing electrification 2015.

Added phonecalls for Motherwell TMD.


(Released: 12 January 2019 )

Minor bugs


(Released: 1 March 2018 )

Some ARS issues caused a couple of new locations to be added.

Reverse behind M282/M284 (Whifflet loop) and

Reverse behind M405 (Motherwell).


(Released: 12 January 2018 )

Shotts line extended to Midcalder Junction and 2015 era added (Mainly Newton trackwork and extended electrification). Various minor tweaks and fixes to operation.


(Released: 19 August 2014 )


(Released: 12 May 2014 )

TD stepping error at Sig M137 (Newton West) 1990/2000 for trains shorter than 80m.


(Released: 5 May 2014)

Fatal bug causing trains not to pass through Newton on the Up main or Up Hamilton.


(Released: 17 February 2014)

Known Issues

  • Kirkpatrick is mislabeled on the panel as "Kirkpartick".
  • In 2000s era MB288 signal at Whifflet South Junction is missing it's "R" label (Routes should be set to MB290 signal)
  • In 1980s, and 1990s era, the panel boundary between WKS1 by Hamilton Central and WKS4 at Ross Junction is labelled as "C" at one end, and "D" at the other.

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