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Rugby SCC North
Official Files
Start-Up Options
Other Options
Reversible working, Rugby - Curborough Jn
Regulation Notes
Double Red Protection
Failures and Interlocking Areas
Panel Notes
Nuneaton to Whitacre Jn
Trent Valley
Level Crossings
Multiplayer & Chaining
Hot Keys
Reference Section
Signal Number Plan
Signal Box Prefix Codes
Platform & Siding Lengths
Timetabling Details
Line Speeds
Splash Screens
Version History

Rugby SCC North

Official Files

Title Version Released
Simulation (Payware) 1.7 25/06/2020
15/10/2009 WTT (Midnight and 0445 Start included) 5.0 23/04/2021

Additional user-written timetables are available to download here .


Welcome to the last of three simulations that cover the current Rugby SCC. This simulation covers the Northern most two workstations, Nuneaton and Trent Valley.

Start-Up Options


Easy Mode

No late running or trackside equipment failures.

Normal Mode

Some train delays, with a chance of trackside equipment failures.

Hard Mode

Multiple failures and delays.

Up & Down Arley blocked

The flyover at Nuneaton is closed, along with platforms 6 & 7 at Nuneaton. All traffic on the Leicester- Whitacre Jn line must cross the WCML on the flat. Compounding this, the track layout makes the Leciester route effectively single track from Abbey Jn to the south end of Nuneaton station- take care to avoid stand-offs between trains heading in opposite directions on this line.

Fast/Slow line blocked scenarios

There are an additional five scenarios which block the Fast or Slow lines between specified locations. Traffic must be regulated to use the remaining available line.

Other Options

ARS enabled: Enable ARS for the duration of the game.



Full ARS is provided. Under normal operating conditions, it can run the service well, however the signaller will need to step in to handle traffic to and from various freight sidings, and assist with regulation in the event of train failures or other service disruption.


The WCML is electrified with standard 25kV AC overhead wires. Non-electrified lines (the routes to Coventry, Whitacre Jn, Leicester, Lichfield TV High Level and the Down sidings at Lichfield) are indicated with electrification limit markers on the panel.

Reversible working, Rugby - Curborough Jn

The Up Trent Valley Fast & Down Trent Valley Fast lines between High Oaks Junction/Brinklow Jn (off-screen) and Curborough Jn are reversible.

The lines are divided into segments between the crossovers at High Oaks/Brinklow, Attleborough Jns, Ashby Jn, Amington Jn and Curborough Jn. Each section has N and R controls. These change the direction of flow indicators (DOFI ) for that segment of line. Left click on the N circle for a right-direction move, or left click on the R circle for a wrong-direction move. The circle will flash for a brief period until the interlockings have switched the direction of flow. The white DOFI arrows will extinguish in the original direction and light in the new direction, and auto signals in the section will revert to red and clear as appropriate.

If N or R is clicked while the line is locked in the opposing direction (for example, a route set or a train proceeding along the route), then the circles will flash continuously. A right click can cancel the request.

There are no N and R controls between the junctions at Attleborough and Ashby Jn through Nuneaton station; simply route trains as normal in this area.

Regulation Notes

Note that it is possible to get stand-offs in a few places, where two trains face each other and neither can get past the other. Of particular note are the Lichfield TV Chord with the Down TV Fast, and around Nuneaton station. The latter typically requires 3 trains to cause a stand-off but even that is quite easily achieved!

Double Red Protection

The area has a number of junctions that feature "double red protection ". This is a slight misnomer as the controls require the first red signal to show red only if the next signal is at red with no route set with this signal's berth track clear. Thus it's more of a delayed yellow, or approach control from red. Once a route is set from the next signal - even if not ready to show proceed - the first signal can step up to yellow. A train approaching the first red will also get a yellow eventually, theoretically once the speed is down to a low value since the track section proving this is short.

Signals fitted with double red protection are as follows:

  • RN3427
  • NL3485
  • NL3492
  • NL3513
  • LS5520
  • LS3522

Failures and Interlocking Areas

Just as in real life, the simulation reports failures of signalling equipment by interlocking area. These are as follows, generally from south (screen left) to north (screen right):

Interlocking No Area
NUNSOUTH 12 South end of layout to South of Attleborough South Jn (Up Lines) South of Attleborough Junction (Down Lines)
NUNEAST 14 South of Attleborough South Jn to Ashby Junction (Up Lines only)
NUNLEIC 16 Fringe at Hinkley to North of Nuneaton (Hinckley & Arley lines only)
NUNCOVN 15 Fringe with Coventry to North of Chilvers Cotton Jn
NUNWSTH 13 North of Attleborough South Jn & Chilvers Cotton Jn to North of Nuneaton
NUNWNTH 26 Down Fast through Nuneaton through to Nuneaton Chords and South of Ashby Jn (Down lines)
NUNNORTH 18 South of Ashby Jn to South of Atherstone
ATHERSTN 19 South of Atherstone through to workstation boundary
POLWTHDN xx Workstation boundary through to North of Ammington Jn (Down lines)
POLWTHUP xx Workstation boundary through to North of Ammington Jn (Up lines)
TAMWTHDN xx North of Ammington Jn to Trent Valley Station (Down lines)
TAMWTHUP xx North of Ammington Jn to Trent Valley Station (Up lines)
LICHFDDN xx Trent Valley Station to Fringe with Stafford (Down lines)
LICHFDUP xx Trent Valley Station to Fringe with Stafford (Up lines)

Panel Notes


Reversible working to Rugby Centre

There are 'Offer' and 'Accept' controls to request/accept reversible working to/from Rugby Centre. Unlike normal slots, these controls simply provide a notification to the other signaller- they do not affect the interlocking itself.

Nuneaton panel controls the direction of flow on the Up TV Fast- if the Rugby signaller requests reversible working, set the direction of the line accordingly, allowing the route to be set, and then notify the Rugby signaller that you've done so by granting the 'Accept' slot

Likewise, Rugby controls the direction of working on the Down Trent Valley. If you wish to send a train towards Rugby on the Down Trent Valley, click the 'Offer' control- the Rugby signaller will grant the slot when they've set the direction.

Nuneaton Station

Nuneaton, whilst a through station is a junction between the West Coast main line and the lines to Leicester, Coventry and Birmingham via Saltley. The station is formed of 7 platforms, of which platform 1 is predominantly used for terminating trains from Coventry. Platform 2 is the Down Slow, 3 is the little used Down Fast with platforms 4 & 5 being the Up Fast & Slow respectively. This leaves platforms 6 & 7 which are the Up & Down Arley and take you from the Leicester line over the top of the WCML towards Saltley.

The loops and crossovers either side of the station can be used for regulating purposes.

The Relief line along with Platforms 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 are permissive , the latter two in the Down direction only due to the steep gradient off the flyover in the other direction. To set a call-on route, set a route to the white shunt arrows, rather than the platform end signal.

WN4221 is provided with a co-acting signal, marked CA. It's aspect is not shown on the panel.

Signal RN3433 on the Down TV Fast is restricted to YY if no forward route is set from NL3449.

Nuneaton to Whitacre Jn

There is a seperate entry point for Daw Mill Colliery, which lies between Whitacre Jn and Abbey Jn. Exit from the siding is controlled by Saltley.

ARS sub-areas

Several ARS sub-areas have different names to the lines to which they apply. DNCOV19 & UPCOV19 apply to the Up/Down Bedworth lines, UPLEIC21 & DNLEIC21 apply to the Up/Down Hinckley, and UPBIRM23 and DNBIRM23 apply to the Up/Down Arley.

Trent Valley

Trent Valley is by far the simplest panel on the simulation, with trains almost always booked to remain on the same line through the whole of the panel.


Despite being shown on the panel, Platform 2 at Polesworth has been out of use since 2005 (prior to Rugby SCC taking control of the route), when the station footbridge was demolished as part of the WCML upgrade works and not replaced, rendering the platform inaccesible. In recent years, the station has been served once a day by a northbound train.

Lichfield North Jn

Trains to/from Alrewas require a slot to be set before traversing the single line in ether direction. Trains entering the sim from Aston Box will request a slot causing the "From" roundel to flash. To grant the slot, set the route from LS4257 signal. If you require to send a train to Aston Box then you must select the "To" roundel. Once the flashing light goes steady you will be able to set a route towards TV9 signal. Trains reversing on the single line will still require a slot being given to you by Aston box.

The Up & Down Fast lines cease to be bi-directional north of Lichfield North Jn/Curborough Jn.

Level Crossings

The only level crossing in the simulation is a CCTV crossing at Hawkesbury Lane, on the Nuneaton- Coventry line.

Multiplayer & Chaining

The simulation is suitable for a single player; more experienced users may not need the assistance of ARS.

The simulation chains at the following locations:

Simulation Location
Aston Lichfield TV Jn
Coventry Coundon Road
Rugby Centre Rugby North Jn
Saltley Whitacre Jn
Staffordshire Rugeley Trent Valley

Hot Keys

In addition to the standard shortcut keys , the following are available:

Key Panel Area
A Amington Junction
L Lichfield
N Nuneaton


Simulation by: Noel Young

15/10/2009 WTT by: Noel Young

Reference Section

Signal Number Plan

Rugby North Signal Number Plan

These are Adobe Acrobat PDF files. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer you can get a free download of the latest version from the Adobe website . Use the built-in Find function (Ctrl+F) to locate signal numbers.

Signal Box Prefix Codes

Code Box
CH Stoke-on-Trent SCC (Former Colwich Jn signals)*
CN Rugby SCC (Coventry- Nuneaton)
CT East Midlands Control Centre*
LS Rugby SCC (Lichfield- Stafford)
NL Rugby SCC (Nuneaton- Lichfield)
NW Rugby SCC (Nuneaton- Water Orton)
RN Rugby SCC (Rugby- Nuneaton)
SY Saltley*
TV Lichfield High Level Junction*
WN Rugby SCC (Wigston Jn- Nuneaton)

*Fringe box, signals not controlled in this simulation.

Platform & Siding Lengths

Platform Lengths

Location Platform Length (m)
Atherstone 1 137
2 122
Bedworth 1 51
2 51
Lichfield Trent Valley 1 278
2 245
Nuneaton 1 170
2 337
3 301
4 333
5 333
6 150
7 150
Relief 491
Polesworth 1 138
Tamworth 1 295
2 267

Siding Lengths

Location Siding Name Length (m)
Bedworth Murco 400
Cemetery Siding 185
Hawkesbury Lane Reception 454
Lichfield Trent Valley Down Siding 187
Up Sidings 1 264
Up Sidings 2 234
Up Sidings 3 234

Timetabling Details

These notes apply to those writing timetables for the simulation. They may be of interest but are not required if you are simply running the simulation.

Mandatory Timing Points

Trains must be timed at the following locations:

Main Line
  • Rugby Trent Valley (up direction only)
    • Brinklow (down direction only)
    • Attleborough Junction (down direction only)
    • Nuneaton
    • Amington Junction
    • Lichfield North Junction
    • Rugeley North Jn
Coventry line
  • Coundon Road
    • Three Spires Junction
    • Hawkesbury Lane
    • Chilvers Coton Junction
    • Nuneaton
Leicester Line
  • Hinckley
    • Nuneaton
Arley Lines
  • Nuneaton
    • Abbey Junction
    • Daw Mill Colliery (Only for trains originating there)
    • Whitacre Junction.
High Level Line
  • Lichfield Trent Valley High Level Junction
  • Alrewas

Shunt locations

The sim has been designed to allow all feasible shunt movements with most shunt movements being shown in the timetable as the location followed by the signal number.

Line Speeds

Much of the fast line is signalled to Enhanced Passenger Speed standards (EPS) whilst other lines may have a a speed applicable to Sprinters (SP) which applies to 15x classes of DMU. This means that specially authorised trains may travel at a higher speed than regular trains. There can thus be up to three speed limits in effect on the same piece of track.

Crossovers vary in speed from 15mph through to 60mph. =


Line Speed
Up & Down Fast lines Max 110mph (125mph EPS), Min 80mph(100 mph EPS)
Up & Down Slow lines Max 75mph, Min 60mph
Up & Down Bedworth 45mph (40mph Between Platforms 1 & 2 and Chilvers Cotton Jn)
Up & Down Hinckley Max 75mph (90mph SP), Min 30mph
Up & Down Arley 70mph
Up& Down Nuneaton Chords 30mph
North Chord 30mph
Up & Down Lichfield TC Chord 30mph

Gradients are broadly as follows. Not all slight changes are listed. Gaps between sections listed are broadly level.

Main line:

  • Brinklow to Attleborough South Jn : 1 in 306 Down.
  • Attleborough South Jn to Nuneaton : 1 in 346 or 322 Down.
  • Nuneaton Station : 1 in 580 Down.
  • Ashby Jn to Atherstone Station : Varying between 1 in 580 Down and 1 in 515 Up.
  • Atherstone Station to TO BE FINISHED

Up & Down Bedworth:

  • Three Spires Jn to Hawkesbury Lane Sidings : 1 in 200 Up.
  • Hawkesbury Lane Sidings to Bedworth Murco : 1 in 304 Down.
  • Bedworth Murco to Bedworth : 1 in 164 Up.
  • Bedworth to Chilvers Cotton Jn : 1 in 164 Up followed by 1 in 117 Down, 1 in 1123 Up, 1 in 3762 Down.
  • Chilvers Cotton Jn to Nuneaton : 1 in 126 Down then level.

Up & Down Hinckley:

  • Hinckley to Cemetery Siding : Varies from 1 in 1320 Down to 1 in 160 Down.
  • Cemetery Siding to Nuneaton : 1 in 330 Up followed by 1 in 460 or 140 Down.

Splash Screens

Splash (1) Lichfield North Jn, and the line north to Rugeley on the real panel
Splash (2) Lichfield Trent Valley station on the real panel
Splash (3) A Class 66 with a container train for the Coventry line approaches Platform 2 at Nuneaton; signal NL5441 is prominent at left of frame
Splash (4) A Class 390 passes north through platform 3 at Nuneaton
Splash (5) Signal NL9545 at the north end of Nuneaton platform 4. The embankment to the right carries the Birmingham line
Splash (6) Signal NL4217, which protects the exit from Nuneaton CE sidings
Splash (7) A Class 153 waits in Platform 1 at Nuneaton, working the Coventry-Nuneaton shuttle service
Splash (8) The south end of platform 2/3 at Nuneaton; signals 9540 and 9542 are prominent
Splash (9) A Class 390 heads south, having just passed through platform 4 at Nuneaton
Splash (10) A Class 221 heading north approaches platform 3 at Nuneaton
Splash (11) The south end of platform 6 (from where this photo was taken), the Relief and platform 5 at Nuneaton. Signals WN4212 and WN4214 are visible; note the arrow on the latter to remind drivers that it applies to the Relief line
Splash (12) The north end of platforms 6 and 7 at Nuneaton; signal WN4221, with it's Co-Acting head ground mounted to the left, is showing Green. Ahead, the line can be seen rising and curving round to the flyover
Splash (13) The north end of platforms 3 and 4 at Nuneaton; NL3443 and NL9545 are visible.
Splash (14) A tamper stabled in the CE sidings at Nuneaton
Splash (15) A Class 153 ready to depart from Nuneaton platform 1 with a Coventry service; RN9544 indicates that the train will be taking the Down Bedworth towards CN6574
Splash (16) The south end of platforms 1 & 2 at Nuneaton; RN9544, right, is cleared for the Down Bedworth towards CN6574
Splash (17) Another view of the south end of platform 6, the Relief and platform 5 at Nuneaton, this time taken from Platform 5.

Version History

Version History

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