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Operational Notes


Operational Notes

Tokenless Block

A special form of Tokenless Block working is utilised between Wilton-Tisbury-Gillingham, a detailed explanation of which can be found here

Either signaller has to offer a train due to travel over the single line, with the other end having to accept before any route can be set over the section (akin to slots). Once the train enters the section, the block indicators will move to Train in Section (TIS). When the train exits the section and the signaller is satisfied it has arrived complete, (s)he presses the 'Train Arr' button to restore the block instrument to 'Normal'.

To set a route (LC=Left click, RC=Right click):-

  • Must be Offered from originating end (Block must be Normal)
Event Action Requires Display Notes
Offer LC on Offer Block N
Acct Normal
Button shows grey
Accept LC on Norm/Acct Block N
Offer clear
Points to Acct Can be done in advance of Offer
Accepted Block shows green A
Set Route LC on entry & exit sigs Block showing A Route lit white
Train enters section Block shows red TiS
Train exits section Train passed signal
Train Arrived Complete Train clear of section Train Arr button grey
Restore Block LC on Train Arr Acct switch Norm Block shows white Norm


- Train can be Accepted in advance of Offer if Block is Normal; {NB non-prototypical, in reality Accept has to be set while/prior to Offer}

- Offer can be cancelled by Right click (not prototypical);

- Acceptance can be withdrawn prior to route being set from other end;

- Route can be cancelled prior to train entering.

Level Crossings

Dunbridge AHB

Dunbridge AHB Stop/non-stop control has an approaching train alarm. The real panel has a note:

Dunbridge AHB N & S Selection
Non-Stopping Train
PO track must be clear; TA1 must be clear (when Down train activates Dean Hill AHB it is clear of TA1 track)
Click N/S and then pull the SET Button
Stopping Train
Take no action. Do Not move N/S Selector Switch or pull the SET Button.
Allow alarm to sound
Alarm will self cancel after a few seconds when track PO is clear

In other words the control should only be operated for non-stopping trains.

Dean AHB

This is operated in the usual way by choosing N/S or STP and then pressing SET. The signal will not clear until the SET button has been pressed and the train has struck in to the crossing.

Shunter's Releases

Shunter Releases (SR) are required for the following routes:

  • SR A for SY224 - SY216;
  • SR B for SY46/48/50/44 - SY212;
  • SR C for SY211/213 - SY215;
  • SR D for SY48/50/44 - East CS #1;
  • SR E for SY48/50/44 - East CS #2;
  • SR F for SY231 - T&RS Depot;

Tisbury Loop

There are Phantom Overlaps (POL s) at signals SY82/83 and SY80/81.

Era Information

The 2000 Era differs from the 1980 Era with:

  • East Yd disconnected (ground sold for housing);
  • Dinton GFs disconnected and removed;
  • East Carriage Siding #2 OOU, hand points C&P OOU;
  • West Carriage Siding now used as Track Depot, down end signal & points removed.

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