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Salisbury ASC

Salisbury ASC

Signal Routes

Signal Ty Asp Dir Routes AspDisp Path Next Sig Dist (m) Comments
SY1 SA 2 D M DR SY5R 1,931
SY1R R 2 D M DR SY1 1,488
SY5 SA 3 D M DR SY7 2,534
SY5R R 2 D M DR SY5 1,790
SY6 SA 2 U M UR E890R 4,204
SY6R R 2 U M UR SY6 1,563
SY7 SA 2 D M DR SY11R 1,991
SY10 SA 2 U M UR SY6R 2,439
SY10R R 2 U M UR SY10 1,669
SY11 A 2 D M DR SY35R 8,086
SY11R R 2 D M DR SY11 1,448
SY28 SA 2 U M UM WA287R 3,394
SY29 C 3 D R29AM M+P1 UR SY34 889
R29BM M DM SY31 760
SY30 C 3 U R30AM M UM SY28 1,695
SY31 C 3 D R31AM M DM SY43 1,121
SY34 A 2 U M UR SY10R 6,530
SY35 C 3 D R35AM M DR SY37 462
R35BM M+P4 UM SY28 2,076
SY35R R 2 D M DR SY35 556
SY36 C 3 U R36AM M UR SY34 725
SY37 C 3 D R37AM M DM SY43 1,187
SY40 C 3 U R40AM M UM SY30 980
R40BM M+P4 UR SY36 891
SY43 C 3+s D R43AM M+P1 P6 650
R43AC pl+P1 P6 650
R43BM M P4 SY49 958
R43BC pl+D P4 SY49 958
R43CM M+P4 P3 SY47 886
R43CC pl+P4 P3 SY47 886
SY44 C 3+s U R44AS pl+T YD SY212 458
R44BM M UM SY40 966
R44CS pl+S CS#1
R44DS pl+S CS#2
SY46 C 3+s U R46AS pl YD SY212 623
R46BM M UM SY40 1,131
SY47 C 3 D R47AM M DM SY53 1,581
SY48 C 3+s U R48AS pl+T YD SY212 623
R48BM M UM SY40 1,131
R48CS pl+S CS#1
SY49 C 3 D R49AM M DM SY53 1,509
SY50 C 3+s U R50AS pl+T YD SY212 623
R50BM M UM SY40 1,131
R50CS pl+S CS#1
SY52 C 3+s U R52AS pl+R REC SY224 1,280
R52BM M P2 SY46 843
R52BC pl+U P2 SY46 753
R52CM M+P4 P3 SY48 753
R52CC pl+P4 P3 SY48 753
R52DM M+P5 P4 SY50 753
R52DC pl+P5 P4 SY50 753
R52ES pl+B P5
R52FS pl+E HS
SY53 A 3 D M DM SY55 1,018
SY54 A 3 U M UM SY52 1,712
SY55 C 3 D R55AM M DE SY57 1,529
R55BM M+P4 UW SY61 1,517
SY56 C 3 U R56AM M UM SY54 1,415
SY57 C 2 D R57AM M DE SY81R 13,040
SY58 C 3 U R58AM M UE SY56 968
SY58R R 2 U M UE SY58 1,610
SY60 C 3+s D R60AM M UM SY54 1,674
R60AS s DW SY250 635 To Wilton GF
SY60R R 2 D M DW SY60 1,196
SY61 A 2 U M UW SY65R 3,928
SY64 A 2 D M DW SY60R 5,145
SY64R R 2 D M DW SY64 1,729
SY65 SA 2 U M UW SY69R 5,474
SY65R R 2 U M UW SY65 1,567
SY68 SA 2 D M DW SY64R 4,714
SY68R R 2 D M DW SY68 1,343
SY69 SA 2 U M UW SY73R 5,491
SY69R R 2 U M UW SY69 1,489
SY72 SA 2 D M DW SY68R 5,624
SY72R R 2 D M DW SY72 1,655
SY73 A 2 U M UW W301R 4,575
SY73R R 2 U M UW SY73 1,146
SY80 C 2 U R80AM M UE SY58R 13,389
SY81 C 3 D R81AM M+P1 DTL SY83 998
R81BM M DE GH3D 14,822
SY82 C 3 U R82AM M UE SY58R 14,109
R82BM M+P4 UTL SY80 720
SY83 C 2 D R83AM M DE GH3D 13,824
WA286 SA 2 D M DM SY29R 4,115
WA286R R 2 D M DM WA286 2,043
WA287 SA 2 U M UM BE478 6,871
WA287R R 2 U M UM WA287 1,582

Shunt signals

Signal Ty Asp Dir Routes AspDisp Path Next Sig Dist (m) Comments
SY201 C PL D R201AS GPL UR SY34 1,250
R201BS GPL DM SY31 658
SY202 C PL U R202AS GPL UM SY28 1,679
SY203 C PL D R203AS GPL UM SY28 2,007
SY211 C PL D R211AS GPL YD SY215 253
R212BS GPL UM SY40 403
SY213 C PL D R213AS GPL UM SY217 253
R213BS GPL YD SY215 253
SY215 C PL D R215AS GPL P6 467
R215BS GPL P4 SY49 804
R215CS GPL P3 SY47 732
R215DS GPL UM SY225 246
R215ES GPL TS SY223 725
SY216 C PL D R216AS GPL YD SY212 226
SY217 C PL D R217AS GPL P6 467
R217BS GPL P4 SY49 804
R217CS GPL P3 SY47 732
R217DS GPL UM SY225 246
SY219 C PL D R219AS GPL P6 351
R219BS GPL P4 SY49 688
R219CS GPL P3 SY47 616
SY221 C PL D R221AS GPL P6 311
SY223 C PL D R223AS GPL REC SY231 486
SY224 C PL U R224AS GPL TS SY216 300
R224BS GPL YD SY212 526
R224CS GPL UM SY40 930
SY225 C PL D R225AS GPL P2 SY233 479
R225BS GPL REC SY231 486
SY231 C PL D R231AS GPL DM SY53 1,337
SY232 C PL U R232AS GPL REC SY224 412
SY233 C PL D R233AS GPL DM SY53 1,344
SY236 C PL D R236AS GPL DM SY53 1,290
SY237 C PL D R237AS GPL SDG SY239 257
R237BS GPL DM SY53 1,290
SY238 C PL U R238AS GPL HSDG 235 Out of Use
SY239 C PL D R239AS GPL DM SY53 1,033 Out of Use/Removed
SY240 C PL U R240AS GPL REC SY224 761
R240BS GPL P2 SY46 664
R240CS GPL P3 SY48 664
R240DS GPL P4 SY50 664
R240ES GPL P5 520
R240GS GPL SDG SY238 282 Out of Use/Removed
SY250 C PL D GPL also controlled by Wilton GF

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