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Splash Shot Photographs


Splash Shot Photographs

(JLU - James Underwood, DS - Danny Scroggins, APJG - AndyG)


Splash001.jpg - Salisbury ASC on Platform 4 - by JLU

Splash002.jpg Salisbury ASC Panel - courtesy of Danny Scroggins

Splash003.jpg Station nameboard at west end of P2/3, with SWT Traincare depot in background (old Salisbury West SB on right) - by JLU

Splash004.jpg View at London (east) end of P2 with S46/48 gantry, and P6 on right - by JLU

Splash005.jpg View from country (west) end of P2/3, with S47 on gantry, S233 on platform, and SWT Traincare depot on right and CWM in distance - by JLU

Splash006.jpg Signals SY68/69 Under A303 Wylye By-pass bridge - by APJG

Splash007.jpg View from near signal SY238 with P5 & Holding Siding on right - by APJG

Splash008.jpg Quidhampton Sidings looking west back towards GF- by APJG

Splash009.jpg Wylye AHB (north side) - by APJG

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