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Sheffield Version History
Known Issues
Current Version (Version 1.5)
Version 1.4
Version 1.3
Version 1.2 (4th April 2019
First Release (Version 1.0)

Sheffield Version History

Known Issues

Remember that ARS is an aide, not a perfect regulating system. You still need to monitor and step in as required.

The overlap track beyond signal HU742 does not correctly route light at all times. (ticket 24488)

Current Version (Version 1.5)

Released 05/07/2021

Version 1.4

Released 25/06/2020

  • Loader V5 compatibility

Version 1.3

Released 12/07/2019

0025929: [Simulation (full sim)] Incorrect aspect displayed on signals (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0025017: [Simulation (full sim)] Sheffield A interlocking area (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024825: [Simulation (full sim)] Multiple timetable requests (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0025940: [Simulation (full sim)] Hemingfield (Tunnel) only has one 'm' (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024826: [Simulation (full sim)] Add Barnsley reversal points (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024619: [Simulation (full sim)] B0052 Display (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024951: [Simulation (full sim)] Down subroute not releasing in Sheffield P1A (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023884: [Simulation (full sim)] Objects that do not fail at Woodhouse Jn (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023882: [Simulation (full sim)] Objects that do not fail at Woodburn Jn (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023869: [Simulation (full sim)] Beighton Jn objects that do not fail (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023871: [Simulation (full sim)] Objects that do not fail at Aldwarke Jn Interlocking (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023872: [Simulation (full sim)] Objects that do not fail at Brightside interlocking (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023873: [Simulation (full sim)] Objects that do not fail at Conisborough interlocking (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023874: [Simulation (full sim)] Objects that do not fail at Kilnhurst interlocking (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023875: [Simulation (full sim)] Objects that do not fail at Masborough interlocking (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023876: [Simulation (full sim)] Objects that do not fail at Mexborough interlocking (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023877: [Simulation (full sim)] Objects that do not fail at Sheffield B interlocking (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023878: [Simulation (full sim)] Objects that do not fail at Swinton interlocking (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023879: [Simulation (full sim)] Objects that do not fail at Treeton interlocking (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0025313: [Simulation (full sim)] Forum - Wrong Platform (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024967: [Simulation (full sim)] Missing Path Barrow Hill South (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0024763: [Simulation (full sim)] Line speed issues on Barrow Hill Goods lines (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0024923: [Simulation (full sim)] Tinsley Yard entrance allocated to wrong workstation (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0024764: [Simulation (full sim)] Barrow Hill Shunt Line missing buffer stop indication (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0024552: [Simulation (full sim)] Workstation Issues (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0024564: [Simulation (full sim)] Westgate Siding: Not timetableable as an exit location (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0025019: [Simulation (full sim)] Woolley coal sidings interlocking items missing (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0025018: [Simulation (full sim)] Barnsley Interlocking items missing (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0025016: [Simulation (full sim)] 2 interlocking area called Woodhouse (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0025015: [Simulation (full sim)] 2 Interlocking area with the name woodburn (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0024835: [Simulation (full sim)] Signal 63 displays a proceed aspect when overlap occupied (GeoffMayo) - closed.

Version 1.2 (4th April 2019

Released 04/04/2019

0024489: [Simulation (full sim)] BHUAP shows non-ARS and gives internal exception on click when chained
0024330: [Simulation (full sim)] 880 to 886 (Consibrough Goods Loop) requires some form of Approach Control (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024476: [Simulation (full sim)] ARS Anomaly at Masbrough SS - 400 & 406 signals (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024477: [Simulation (full sim)] ARS not waiting for booked time at Heeley Up Passenger Loop (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024410: [Simulation (full sim)] Roundhouse call (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024259: [Simulation (full sim)] East Slow Direction Arrow doesn't time out (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024242: [Simulation (full sim)] ARS not setting route Beighton Jcn to Treeton Goods Loops (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024365: [General] Masborough SS Crew Calls (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024362: [Simulation (full sim)] Barrow Hill Up Sidings entry Messages (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024357: [Simulation (full sim)] T765 not part of 265's overlap (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024411: [Simulation (full sim)] Setting route from 235 to 1013 direct produces wrong route call (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0024376: [Simulation (full sim)] Barrow Hill South Jn Signal 235/1004LOS as a reversing location (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0024394: [Simulation (full sim)] Barrow Hill South Jcn S1004/LOS (GeoffMayo) - closed.

(there was no public release of 1.1)

First Release (Version 1.0)

Released 28/03/2019

Sheffield Reference Section

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