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Wembley Main Line
Timetable Locations and Entry Points
Entry Points

Wembley Main Line

Timetable Locations and Entry Points


Name TIPLOC ID Notes
Acton Canal Wharf ACTCWHF
Acton Central ACTNCTL
Acton Lane Neck ACTNLRN
Acton Lane Recp ACTNLRS
Acton Main Line ACTONML
Acton Wells Jn ACWLJN
AW372 AW372 For reversals back into the simulation only
Brent Rec/Dep BRENTREC
Camden Washer CMDNCWM
Camden Jn CMDNJN
Camden Road CMDNRD
Camden Road Jn CMDNRDJ
Camden Jn South CMDNSTH
Euston Backing Out Roads EUSTBOR
Euston Neck EUSTDCN
Euston Down Side Shed (DCS) EUSTDCS
Euston EUSTON London Euston
Euston Down Side Shed (RES) EUSTRES
Euston Up Sidings EUSTUCS
Harlesden Jn HARLSJN
Harrow & Wealdstone HROW
Kensington Olympia KENOLYM
Kensal Green Jn KENSLGJ
Kilburn High Road KLBRNHR
Kilburn (South Rev) KLBRNSR
Kilburn Road U&DGL KLBRUDG
Mitre Bridge Jn MTRBDGJ
North Pole VC813 NPLE813
North Pole VC818 NPLE818
North Pole Jn NPOLEJ
North Wembley Jn NWEMJN
Queens Park (DC lines) QPRK
Queens Park (AC lines) QPRKAC
Queens Park Jn QPRKJ
Park Street (reverse) RVPKST
South Acton SACTON
South Hampstead SHMPSTD
Shepherds Bush SHPDSB
Watford Jn WATFDJ
Watford South Jn WATFJSJ
Willesden Rev(Sig 1193/1195) WLS1193
Willesden Signal 1046 WLSD046
Willesden Sig WM623 WLSD107
Willesden TMD (1184) WLSD184
Acton Lane (1189) WLSD189
Acton Lane (1191) WLSD191
Willesden U&DG 1&2 WLSD1DT
Willesden 829/931 WLSD31
Willesden 936 (at 830/934) WLSD34 In real life trains booked to stop here will stop at Sudbury Jn instead (programmed into the simulation)
Willesden Signal WM811 WLSD811
Willesden Brent Sdgs (FL) WLSDBFL
Willesden Brent Sidings WLSDBRN
Willesden Brent Sdgs WLSDBRS
Wembley Yard South Jn WLSDBSJ
Old Oak Sidings WLSDCE
Willesden Distillers (Neck) WLSDDSN
Willesden Distillers WLSDDST
Willesden Euroterminal WLSDEUT
Ferrous Fragmenters WLSDFFS
Willesden Railnet Recpn WLSDHLS
Willesden Jn High Level WLSDJHL
Willesden No.7 (Rev) WLSDN7R
Sudbury Jn WLSDNBJ
Willesden Jn Low Level WLSDNJL
Willesden No.7 WLSDNN7
Willesden North Jn WLSDNNJ
Willesden RMT Loco B/C WLSDRML
Willesden Railnet Jn WLSDRRJ
Willesden South West Sdgs WLSDSWS
Willesden West London Jn WLSDWLJ
West London Jn (south reverse) WLSWLJR
Wembley Central WMBY
Wembley Loco Sdgs WMBYHS
Wembley Intercity Depot WMBYICD
Wembley LHS (North) WMBYLHS

Entry Points

Name Entry Point ID Notes
South Acton EACTONC
Acton Main Line EACTONM
Camden Carriage Sidings ECMDNCS
Camden Road ECMDNRD
Camden Washer ECMDNWA
Down Side Shed 1 EDSS1
Down Side Shed 2 EDSS2
Kensington Olympia (DWL) EKENDWL
Kensal Green High Level Jn EKENSLG
Kensington Olympia (UWL) EKENUWL
Queens Park (DC) EUPDC
Watford Jn Up Fast EUPFAST
Watford Jn Up Slow EUPSLOW
Wembley Loco Sdgs EWEMLOC
Old Oak Sidings EWLSDCE
Willesden Distillers EWLSDDST
Willesden Euroterminal Down EWLSDED
Willesden Euroterminal Up EWLSDEU
Ferrous Fragmenters EWLSDFF
Willesden Jn High Level EWLSDHL
Willesden South West Sdgs EWLSDSW
Wembley Yard North Departure EWMEFT1
Wembley Yard South Departure EWMEFT2
Wembley Yard South Arrival EWMEFT3
Wembley Yard South High Level Goods EWMEFT4
Wembley Yard North Arrival EWMEFT5
Wembley Intercity Depot EWMIC
Brent Sidings 1-3 EWNBRD1
Brent Sidings 13-15 EWNBRD5
Brent Sidings 11-12 EWNBRD7
Brent Sidings 5-9 EWNBRD9
Brent Sidings Up EWNBRU
Willesden TMD WM1180 EWTMD80
Willesden TMD WM1181 EWTMD81
Willesden TMD WM1183 EWTMD83

Wembley Main Line Reference Section

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