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Automatic Route Setting

Automatic Route Setting

Wimbledon ASC, in real life, has partial ARS and ACI. SimSig Wimbledon gives you three ARS options:

  • No ARS
  • Per ASC
  • Full ARS

No ARS, as the name suggests, means that the entire area will be fully manual.

Full ARS provides ARS for all routes that qualify for such. Routes that do not qualify include those going into non-track circuited sections with no shunter release, areas with little or no TD coverage, unscheduled calling-on moves, and routes out of sidings where setting a route early might seriously impact other routesetting.

Per ASC enables ARS for the routes that the real signalbox has. The only signals with ARS in the real signalbox, and thus the simulation, are:

  • New Malden W225, W227, W231, W233, W237, W220, W222, W210, W212
  • Raynes Park W194, W186, W188, W190, W211
  • Motspur Park W402, W403, W407, W408, W409, W410, W430
  • Epsom (all controlled signals except W1193 and W1194(A))
  • Ashtead W474, W475
  • Leatherhead W481, W483, W484, W492, W482
  • Clapham (Main) W132
  • Clapham (Windsor) W304, W306, W145, W135, W149, W161, plus slots from Latchmere Jn
  • Queenstown Road W117 (towards signals 127 and 129 only)

Note that ARS will indicate "waiting for route to become available" for routes which are enabled in full ARS mode but disabled in ASC mode.

Note also that ARS will not start the lowering sequence at level crossings in any mode.

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