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Panel 3
Signalling Notes
ARS Notes

Panel 3


This panel controls the Main lines from Clapham Junction (exclusive) to New Malden (inclusive). It also fringes with the busy Wimbledon Depot which requires close co-operation in order to operate effectively. There is one CCTV crossing on the Feltham line.

Signalling Notes


Note that Wimbledon has three locations in this simulation: the main station (platforms 5 to 8), the LUL platforms (1 to 4), and the Central side (platform 9). These are not interchangeable so a train scheduled for one cannot use the other.

Trains in platform 6 cannot access the Depot or the Southfields branch so will need to use the slow line at Wimbledon West Junction.

Wimbledon Depot

There are five main entry/exit areas to Wimbledon Depot. There are two slightly different methods of operation as follows:

  • Into or out of the depot at W1102 or W1108 require the point release to be operated. Left click on "REL 702" or "REL 707" as appropriate. The roundel will flash to indicate the request has been sent to Wimbledon Depot. After a time the request will be granted which will be indicated by a solid white circle. The route can then be set into or out of the depot.
  • Into the depot via Up Sidings 1 and 2 and Nos. 1 to 3 Rec requires the slot request operated and granted. Left click on the appropriate slot roundel adjacent to the exit arrow where you wish to route the train. It will flash until acknowledged by the shunter in the depot, at which time it will turn to a steady white roundel. The route can then be set to the exit arrow.
  • Out of the depot via Up Sidings 1 and 2 and Nos. 1 to 3 Rec does not require any special controls. The shunter will interpose the outgoing train description in the appropriate berth. You can then route the train out of the siding.

W168 to W374

Before setting this route, points 738 and 736 need to be keyed and maintained keyed reverse until the route has set, the train proceeded over the route, the route has released, and is clear of track TWOX (ie the berth track for W374 signal). This is due to the condition of the track, including rust.

It is unclear when this regulation came into effect - unlikely to have done so until several years after the signal box opened - so the simulation will not penalise you for not doing it.

ARS Notes

Down trains over the Putney Reversible will not have route set from W353 until the train is past Point Pleasant Jn. This reduces the risk of ARS setting route over East Putney before a higher priority train has struck in on the Westbound District line.

ARS will not start the lowering sequence at Melden crossing.


Fringe Areas

LUL District Line

Westbound LUL District Line Trains will strike-in upon leaving Putney Bridge. There are no special controls for routesetting either from or to the LUL lines.

Wimbledon West Junction

This area fringes with Victoria (Central) Panel 4. Trains going past on the St. Helier lines will be partially shown.

When Victoria wish to send you a train, they will request via the slots. The appropriate "From VC" slot will start flashing white. Acknowledge by left-clicking on the same roundel. Victoria will then set a half route, to mid-way across the crossovers. You can then complete the route by left-clicking on the red entrance triangle and then the appropriate signal exit as per a normal route. The route will then complete and the train will eventually proceed over the boundary. The routes and slots will cancel automatically.

To send a train to Victoria, press the "To VC" slot for the appropriate direction. The roundel will start flashing. Once Victoria accepts the slot, it will turn steady white. Set the half route from the entrance signal up to the exit grey triangle mid-way across the crossovers. Victoria will then complete the route on their side and the train will progress over the route. The routes and slots will cancel automatically.

Woking Fringe

Woking ASC controls the first two signals on the Up Fast and Up Slow lines. These are shown on Wimbledon's panel in order to give enough warning of approaching trains. There is a crossover immediately before Berrylands which allows Woking to switch Up Slow trains to the Up Fast. While Woking will generally stick to the timetable and run trains on their booked lines, occasionally they may need to switch lines when not scheduled at Berrylands, or not switch lines when scheduled to do so. Because ARS has no control over this routesetting, such trains will appear pink with a "routed off planned path" warning. This simply means that you must either make it ARS again after the crossover, or run it manually - this is ARS's way of saying, "hey, something unusual happened to that train - you take it from here". There is no penalty: you just need to keep an eye out.

Feltham Fringe

This area fringes with the Strawberry Hill panel at Feltham ASC.

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