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Version Control and Known Issues
Known Issues
Version 1.6 (30 / 03 / 2022)
Version 1.5 (1st July 2016)
Version 1.3 (6th April 2016)
Version 1.1 (15th December 2014)
Version 1.0 (2nd December 2014)

Version Control and Known Issues

Known Issues

  • The half route from 117 sometimes cannot be set without swinging the points reverse first, due to the overlap.

Other Issues / FAQs

These issues may or may not be bugs, or are questions, or are otherwise FAQs.

  • Signal W401 at Raynes Park may belong to Panel 4. Formal documentation states it's a Panel 3 signal; however, SPT calls allegedly go to Panel 4. There may well be truth in both statements.
  • Barnes (panel 5) is not included.
  • Signal 3590 at East Putney is plated as controlled but appears to be a controlled route but with no auto button. In the sim it has been simulated as a controlled route that works automatically until pulled when not in ARS mode (or when the subarea is off in ARS mode).
  • As the ARS is completely decoupled from the trains (as per real life!), there are occasions when ARS misidentifies which timetable it should be using when the TID is duplicated and has similar locations. Use of UIDs helps avoid this situation, and version 4.5.9 of the Loader improves the recognition further if there are duplicate UIDs but >12 hours apart (eg a 27 hour timetable).
  • The supplied timetable is 2009; the simulation is 2014. While the timetable still works, there are conflicts at Clapham Junction P2 and the Up Windsor Slow due to the track layout in 2014. Trains for P2 can be swapped to P1 without penalty.

Version 1.6 (30/03/2022)

0033848: [Sim Issues] Up Sheepcote Late Slot fires for Down Trains, resulting in reverts

0017564: [Sim Issues] Up Slow entry Point issue for XML Imports

0033847: [Sim Issues] ARS Route Setting Failure at Wimbledon

0011840: [Sim Issues] Stopping positions at Waterloo home signals

0033849: [Sim Issues] Erroneous wrong route call at Wimbledon

0023408: [Sim Issues] When chained to Feltham trains via Hounslow loop pick up incorrect working

0021080: [Sim Issues] Missing Route

0021162: [Sim Issues] Latchmere Jn trains enteering on DWL

0021260: [Sim Issues] Time table not updating for trains entering at Stewarts Lane Factory Jn

0022516: [Sim Issues] Sim sets route from 1123 when ARS is in ASC mode

0017405: [Sim Issues] Raynes Lane Wrong Route Signal 201

0023507: [Sim Issues] Signal 355 needs to be associated with Panel 3

0024964: [Sim Issues] Motspur Park - Leatherhead Signals

0028717: [Sim Issues] 440 missing replacement button

0032055: [Issue] Same location indices (Loader V5.8.5)

0019330: [Sim Issues] Trains Entering Down Ludgate fail to step the timetable

0019329: [Sim Issues] Trains Entering Up Waterloo Curve fail to step the timetable

0016435: [Sim Issues] Trains Entering Up Waterloo Curve not stepping the timetable

0017568: [Sim Issues] P1 Buffer Stop

0015493: [Sim Issues] Lomghedge not passed

0016516: [Sim Issues] Two facing points in a TC

0017492: [Sim Issues] Flank Locking - Epsom

0017491: [Sim Issues] Overlapping PELs - Ewell East

0031609: [Issue] Latchmere Jn RLE when timetabled into Clapham Yard

0031608: [Issue] No Path Clapham Yard to Latchmere Jn

0030458: [Sim Issues] R6998NAM/C needs red aspect at S6998N

Version 1.5 (1st July 2016)

  • 0015193: [Sim Issues] Shunt signals at Waterloo clear with route set only to the panel boundary (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0015194: [Sim Issues] Signal 1024 comprehensive approach locking (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0015192: [Sim Issues] Signal 1022 doesn't clear for call-on routes (GeoffMayo) - resolved.

Version 1.3 (6th April 2016)


  • Number keys 1-8 now pan across the layout
  • Wimbledon Down Siding A now added as a location with paths to/from Wimbledon
  • Call-on aspect from W8/W10 into P14 corrected
  • Timetable paths Clapham Yard <-> Longhedge/Latchmere Jns added
  • Latchmere Junction to West London Junction trains can now be routed via the Down Sheepcote if a reminder is placed on W934
  • 'BLOK' now works on the Up Windsor lines (signals 334 and 336 at Putney)

Version 1.1 (15th December 2014)


  • 0012172: [Sim Issues] Some ARS routes in Per-ASC mode (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0012171: [Sim Issues] Stepping on Windsor Reversible (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0012169: [Sim Issues] WG13 - GG aspect when 355 On (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0012137: [Sim Issues] Hot Keys (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0012066: [Sim Issues] Train not registering at LOC (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0012136: [Sim Issues] Missing Path: Ludgates to/from CLJ Plat1 (GeoffMayo) - resolved.

Version 1.0 (2nd December 2014)

First release.

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